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Quarry Questions

Different kinds of rock and stone naturally form in the earth in deep veins. In a quarry this material is mined from the earth in a huge pit dug into the ground. The size of a quarry may be so deep that it goes below sea level. Quarries have been used since ancient times to mine building materials.

  • What kind of rock is found is quarries?
    The type of rock depends on the location of the quarry and the vein of stone running underneath. Common stones are marble, granite, limestone, slate and coal. Other types of stone can be a by-product of quarries, such as gravel and sand. Some types of stone, such as certain veins of marble, are so rare that they are only found in one location in the world.

  • What are the different uses for types of rock?
    Different types of stone are used for different purposes. Limestone, marble and granite can all be used for construction, but more porous rocks like chalk are seldom used for buildings. Gravel, sand and other types of quarry by products have a wide variety of uses, from paving roads to reclaiming beaches.

  • What happens once the quarry is depleted?
    After a certain amount of time either the vein of rock runs out or the quarry becomes too deep for it to be practical to excavate the materials. When this occurs the company will usually abandon the quarries. Several states have different regulations on what the mine company must do with the abandoned quarry. Often the quarry becomes filled with rainwater and because the water quality is so clear they are popular places to swim. However, a relatively high amount of swimming death occurs in quarry made lakes, usually attributed to the depth and coldness of the water.

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    Because so many employees work within a quarry company, you can be sure that each task has a designation. From managers to miners to engineers, there are a variety of professionals that help to make the quarry work. Engineers are brought on to ensure the stability and safety of the quarry. Miners and other workers excavate the rock within the open pit. They have experience using special machines, tools, and even explosives to extract the rock.

    Blasting and drilling are two core practices that take place. Again, there are professionals that oversee and carry out these tasks. They should be licensed and certified to work in their capacity. All workers must also follow strict safety guidelines as well. Material packaging and delivery are two other services offered by quarries. The rock that is excavated and crushed must be packaged and shipped to customers, such as building contractors. The minerals will then be used in building and paving.

    Each type of rock is separated and packaged, such as sand, gravel, slate and granite. Delivery personnel load the trucks and deliver the crushed rock, marble, limestone, or stone to the designated spots. Some rock is poured directly into truck beds for delivery to construction sites. Other, more soft rocks such as coal and chalk are bagged or boxed for transport. Natural stone, marble, and other mined materials all have different destinations. Some are more delicate than others, such as blocks of marble, while others are more durable.

    When an old quarry closes or is abandoned around a lake, sometimes unsanctioned swimming holes can develop, which is a safety hazard. Many communities take steps to work with the quarry to properly close it off from outsiders so no one gets hurt.