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Frequently Asked Questions About Guard Patrol Services
Many retail stores, malls, museums, banks and business offices hire guard patrol services to provide security during the day and at night. They provide a level of security and protection that supersedes a simple alarm. In related services, these professionals may also be called a bouncer, night watchman or bodyguard. Guard patrol professionals usually wear a uniform, and they are typically unarmed although some are armed depending on the job. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding guard patrol services:

If I have an alarm system, why do I need to hire a patrolman?
Because local police frequently experience false alarms and must check them out anyway, responding to alarm signals is not always their first priority. When they do arrive for a routine alarm call, they can inspect the outside of the property only if the residents are not home. With a guard patrol service, they hold the keys to get into the properties and disarm codes, check out the place and investigate. The guard can then correct the problem that led to the alarm being set off, compile a report, and rearm the home or office.

What do the guards do if criminal activity has taken place?
They leave the immediate scene to call 911 for backup from local police. If the problem can be handled in a safe manner, guards will take immediate action to eliminate the hazard. They may also call the property owner to discuss a further course of action.

How does one become a security guard?
To become a security guard, in general, you must be at least 18 years of age, complete 40 hours of training in addition to passing an exam and undergo a criminal background check.

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Guard patrol services provide many offerings for their clients. These services can include alarm monitoring, electronic security surveillance, patrols, escort services, and private investigation. Some situations call for guards to be armed, but many times they are unarmed. Guard patrols may act as loss prevention agents and body guards.

A guard patrol agency can work with companies to come up with the best package available for their needs, whether for mobile or stationary patrol. Armed or unarmed? On-site patrol or off-site monitoring? These are the choices clients have when considering which professional guard patrol service to hire.

Clients, which include construction sites, museums, malls, and banks, can select from many service offerings. These include personal and property security, crime detection and prevention, uniformed or plain-clothes security, and closed circuit TV monitoring. One can become a security guard after following a few simple steps. Some states require a license and certification to work as a security guard. Training is required, after which time, the company you work for will provide you with a uniform, either paid in full by them or by you through installment plans.

Armed guards typically make a bit more than unarmed guards, but the responsibility also increases, as does the danger on the job. There are many guard patrol services jobs out there to choose from, such as private in-house security jobs or federal government security contracts. In the latter case, security clearance may be required. Guards often work in conjunction with local police officers.

From retail store security to business office alarm monitoring, guard patrol services are trained to provide protection in a building, sometimes with canines in tow. Customers can expect to speak with a company receptionist first off, then speak or meet with an associate who can outline services, rates, and set up jobs.