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Miniature Golf Course Terminology
A visit to a miniature golf course can be an enjoyable outing with friends and family. It can also be used as a chance to improve essential putting skills. The following is some golf terminology to help you feel more at home on the green.

Ace: Ace is another term for a hole in one. Aces are more difficult on some holes than they are on others. While a hole in one is always impressive, the par difficultly of a hole determines just how impressive the ace really is.

Address: In mini golf, your address is the way your body and feet are positioned prior to hitting the ball. If your stroke was bad, try adjusting your address.

Birdie: Players get birdies when they are one under par on a particular hole. This means they have completed the hole in fewer strokes than anticipated.

Bogey: Players get bogeys when they are one over par on a particular hole. This means they have completed the hole in more strokes than anticipated.

Cup: The cup is the hole in the ground you are aiming for.

Face: This is the part of a putter that – hopefully – makes contact with the golf ball.

Mulligan: A mulligan is when a player retakes a shot. Mulligans are not allowed in any official golf tournament, but they may be allowed by friends and family in a casual game of golf.

Par: Par is the ideal number of strokes it should take to sink your golf ball into the hole. The par difficulty is determined by the course designer, and it varies depending on factors such as the length of the hole and the obstacles that are present.

Play Through: Allowing another group to surpass your group is also known as letting them play through. It is proper etiquette to offer another group the opportunity to play through if they are being kept waiting.

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Jumpin' Joe's Family Fun Center Write review for this local business
1634 Sunflower Rd, Salina, KS 67401
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126 Bel Air Dr, Salina, KS 67401
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3302 Liberty Hall Rd, Junction City, KS 66441
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Miniature golf is one of those games that most of us have played, but very few of us ever think about. But if you've got school aged children in your household, you're probably going to get asked about this game at some point or another. So before you get asked, here are the answers to some questions you may have about miniature golf.

  • How is miniature golf different from regular golf?
    Miniature or mini-golf is comprised exclusively of putting with no driving or pitching at all. And, of course, mini-golf courses usually have elaborate obstacles like windmills that are not at PGA sanctioned courses.

  • Is a miniature course the same as a pitch 'n' putt?
    No. Pitch 'n' putt courses include elements of the short game besides putting that require golfers to elevate the ball.

  • What clubs will I use at a mini-course?
    At a mini-course you'll only use a putter. At a pitch 'n' putt you'll use a putter and a pitching wedge.

  • What is Cosmic golf?
    Cosmic golf is a term for indoor mini-golf courses that utilize black lights and neon paints to accentuate the putting greens.

  • Can I play mini-golf indoors?
    Yes, there are indoor and outdoor mini-golf courses.

  • Can I have my kid's birthday party at one of these places?
    Absolutely, most mini-golf courses are equipped with party rooms and arcades which make them great places to host a birthday party.

  • What kinds of obstacles can I expect to find on a mini-golf course?
    It really depends on the course. Some courses have very elaborate moving obstacles and themes. Other courses simply rely on long shots that require the golfer to really think and bounce the ball off several obstacles to get to the hole.