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Tourist information

Tourist information offices may have a real presence or exist only online. In some towns they may be combined with commuter services and similar. Employees in a local tourist information office need to have the knowledge to accommodate and answer the questions of visitors and locals. Their duties may vary by geography and by the recreation amenities and attractions locally available. You can find information from tourist information offices about planning your next vacation.

Travel agents, who also provide tourist information as well as vacation planning assistance, may operate physically or only virtually. Travel agents most often specialize in a specific area such as foreign travel, adventure vacations or family holidays. Some are highly specialized, for example, catering to equestrian tourism or people attending sporting events. Agents need to have the knowledge of what is available in their specialty or more generally. They may also be employed in putting together packages to accommodate specific itineraries and needs. Those that handle foreign travel accommodations, need to be aware of medical concerns, visa requirements and local customs.

Hotel, airline and timeshare companies may also hire individuals to provide tourist information. In many cases, these individuals are essential salesmen, trained to provide useful information. They also are used to highlight promotions and specials being offered by their company or in partnership with others.

Online travel information sites are sometimes almost purely user generated. Others may hire professional reviewers and photographers, or work in partnership with travel agents and tourism companies.

Tourist information sites and offices, both physical and online, are valuable sources of information. However, the tourist should be aware of who is behind them and what they might be trying to sell.

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The Internet has made it much easier for tourist to get travel information so that they can find the accommodations, airfare, and commuting transportations that they want for their family vacations. There are two easy ways to find the tourist information and tips that you need for your vacation. You can use an online service or you can hire a travel agent. With online services, you are usually responsible for finding the products, hotels, timeshares, and special amenities. Travel agents, however, can give you trips on foreign travel packages and might have insider trade info that can help you get a travel pack age that includes holiday specials at niche market accommodations, tickets to special visitor recreational events, and plans that you would not be able to find on your own. When you contact the travel agent, be sure to ask them how long they have been in business. Those with several years of tourist information experience should know more tips to find discounted travel rates and accommodations. Ask the operation if their agents work on commission or if they receive salaries. Those that do not receive commission will have more incentive to find the cheaper fare for you because they do not depend on your money to get paid. Ask the company if they have relationships with tourism commissions around the world that will give you information about what products you can take into foreign countries and help you plan a special trip for your family that will not consist of sitting around in airports waiting long hours for your exchange flight.