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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Windhsield Replacement Company

Asking an auto glass company questions will ensure that you have hired the right professional for the job.

  • How long after my vehicle’s glass is fixed is it safe to drive?
    This depends on if your windshield was replaced or a crack was repaired. Safe driving time after the curing process depends on the adhesive that was used. If the entire window was removed and a new one was installed, then it will take a longer time for the windshield to be strong after the curing process. If there was impact damage, like a chip or a crack, then the curing process will take less time than an entire windshield installation.

  • What other services do you offer?
    Many auto glass companies offer, not only windshield installation services, but window tinting services as well. Many drivers want to customize their vehicle and glass tinting is an easy way to do so. Tinted windows block and reflecting, light, heat and glare from the sun. Many states have tinting regulations so the safety or visibility of the driver is not jeopardized.

  • What are some tips for avoiding future damage to my vehicle’s glass?
    Safe driving is always important, but to avoid any scratches, chips, cracks and damage to your vehicle’s glass, here are some precautions to take while on the road. Always be alert to the road conditions in which you are driving in. If it feels unsafe to drive, then your instinct are probably correct. Always be sure to stay a safe distance away while driving behind a car. If a vehicle has items on it that look unsafe or look like they may fall in the road, then get in another lane or stay far back from them to avoid any damage to your car or windshield.

  • National Windshield Repair Association
    The windshield installation specialists in our nationwide association are the best in the industry. With most years of combined experience, you know you can find what need in our large network.
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    If you have a broken window in your auto, then you will need to find a window repair or installation company that can give you the products and services that you need to keep you safe. There are lots of windshield installation shops, so it helps to know what questions you can ask them to decide which business is right for you. Ask the window shop how long they have been in business. Auto window providers with several years of windshield installation services should have access to a wider range of windows that you can choose from. They might even have experience installation windows in buses, motorcycles, trucks, and even aircraft. Ask the company if they have back, front, and tram windows that are wind resistant, tinted, and laminated for your safety. Having aerodynamically shaped plastic, acrylic, or glass windows will reduce the amount of fuel that you burn during your commute. Ask the window shop if their providers offer any guarantees for their products. That way, if the auto window is scratched you might be able to get it repaired or replaced for free. Request a written price quote from the windshield installation shop. After you have gathered quotes from several companies, you should be able to compare them so that you can choose one that has a low price. Be sure to ask them, though, what services they include in their quotes. Otherwise, you might find that you end up paying more for installation or delivery than you expected to pay.