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Questions to Ask a Water Heater Dealer

On average, water heaters should be replaced approximately every ten years. If you need to buy a new water heater, you should be aware that not all models are alike. When you go to contact a water heater dealer, there are some important questions you should keep in mind.

  • Should I get a storage water heater or a tankless model?
    The two major types of water heaters are tank and tankless models. A storage heater--that is, one that uses an insulated tank of hot water--is the most common type. Because these need to be heated continuously, they can use a lot of energy, and when its supply of hot water runs out, it can take a while to replenish it. For this reason, many people install tankless models, which heat the water only when it comes out of the tap. However, tankless models can become overburdened if water is used in different areas of the home or office simultaneously. Make sure your dealer knows all the relevant factors in your case.

  • Should I get a gas or electrical unit?
    The cost of gas and electricity in your specific area will play a part in your decision, but there are other factors. Gas is usually less expensive than electricity. However, gas heaters tend to be more expensive than electrical models. Also, many people are wary of the safety issues posed by the use of gas, which can be hazardous if the unit sustains a leak. You may also wish to look into propane and solar-powered units.

  • What is the Energy Factor (EF) of the model?
    The Energy Factor refers to the efficiency of a heater--a high number means high efficiency. High EF can also mean higher prices, but keep in mind that an energy-efficient appliance will likely save you money in the long run.
  • Nt'l Assoc Of Local Water Heat
    If you're looking for the most affordable and dependable water heater dealers in the local Lubbock area, you've found them! We provide personalized service to get you the best deal and equipment.
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    Many professional plumbers and construction contractors deal with water heaters regularly in their work. There are also a number of people who work as hot water tank dealers and distributors. This can be a wonderful business to get into. After all, millions of residential homes and commercial office buildings require electric or propane gas water heaters. Although licensed plumbers and HVAC workers often handle the installation and maintenance of boiler units and water heating systems, dealers handle the sales of these units. While many energy efficient water heaters and hot water pumps are sold in stores, many are also distributed online.

    You will typically need some initial training in order to work as a water heater distributor. This is because it is very important to know and understand the various brands of water heating units, and well as the different sizes that are available for homes and commercial buildings. These appliances also provide users with different features, which certainly affect the price of the propane gas or electric hot water system. While some people will be interested in an improved water heater to install in their home, others may need to lease of rent a water heating system. As you may know, it is often important for customers to sign a contract agreement when they rent a water heater.

    When you work as a dealer or distributor in this business, many people will have questions about what water heaters are rated the safest, which ones function off of solar panels, and which central liquid or water heating units have the largest tanks. It is your job as a dealer to answer these common inquiries.