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Questions to Ask About Washing Machine and Dryer Service and Repair

Washing machines and dryers have made doing the laundry quick and efficient. Gone are the days of spending hours cleaning clothes in the stream out back. However, with the modern appliances comes the need for repairs and maintenance. Basic maintenance including removing lint from your dryer can help you avoid costly repairs. However, eventually you will need to replace parts in your appliances such as hoses, ducts and more. When the time comes, be sure to hire someone you can trust. Here are some questions to ask a potential washer and dryer repair service.

  • What experience do you have repairing washing machines and dryers?
    Although some repairs can easily be done by someone who is handy around the house, for serious repairs such as leaks and replacing parts ensure you hire someone with experience.

  • Do you offer warranties on your replacement parts?
    If you are having parts replaced ask if you can receive a warranty to cover future costs if the part ends up being faulty.

  • Do you specialize in a particular brand?
    Washers and dryers are brand specific and many companies offer repair services specifically for their appliances.

  • Can you check that my temperatures are accurate?
    Have your professional check that the water in your washer is reaching high enough temperatures to thoroughly sanitize your clothes.

  • What if parts are worth more than the machine?
    If the cost of parts and repairs end up costing more than the appliance be sure the person you hire should tell you this up front and only charge for the diagnosis.
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    Full service appliance repair, sales, and installation of washers, dryers, stoves, kitchen hoods, and much more. We are the trusted appliance repair technicians!
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    (432) 267-7165  
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    1207 NW 13th St, Andrews, TX 79714
    (432) 523-4464  

    Finding a quality washing machine and dryer repair service can come in handy when your appliance has a problem. Your appliances may be covered under warranty, and in this case, the manufacturer or retailer may send someone to access and repair the problem. Otherwise, you may hire an independent contractor or service to fix your machine.

    Washers and dryers commonly need to have hoses replaced. Clothes washers may have trouble filling or draining. They may not thoroughly spin the water from the articles of clothing. Appliances that are not level may also experience problems with leaking or may shake. Dryers may have accumulated too much lint and need to be cleaned out to prevent a fire.

    A quality repair service will have the knowledge for the maintenance of many makes and models. They should have a stock of supplies, such as valves, that allows them to solve your problem. They will check the temperature of your hot water heater to make sure it is working appropriately with your appliances. They can offer you advice on how to make changes that will make your laundry equipment more energy efficient.

    The maintenance of your washer and dryer is an investment in your clothes. Choosing the right equipment and keeping it in good working order will make sure that it is in the best shape possible. Word of mouth, telephone directories and the recommendations of retail owners are good resources for finding repair professionals and companies. The person you choose should clearly communicate your issue and what is needed to rectify the situation. A dependable repair service will be an important asset when appliances and machines break.