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FAQs About Tax Attorneys
The following questions are commonly asked about using tax attorneys:

Do I need a tax attorney when starting up my business?
It's usually a good idea to consult a tax attorney if you're beginning a new business so that the attorney can work out the tax structure of your company. However, if you own a very small business that only employs yourself, it may not be absolutely necessary to use a tax attorney at first, though you will likely reconsider further down the road as your business grows. For medium to large-sized businesses, getting a tax attorney is a must if you want to be adequately prepared come tax time.

Should I get a tax attorney if the IRS is investigating me?
Yes. Better to be safe than sorry. Even if you have done nothing wrong, you need to get prepared for an IRS investigation. If you are charged with a serious crime such as tax fraud, this can lead to heavy fines and jail time. Obtaining a highly qualified tax attorney is the best way to make sure you have all the resources you need on your side.

What should I look for in a tax attorney?
Tax attorneys need to have a Juris Doctorate degree and admission to the state bar. However, they should also have a Master of Laws degree in taxation, and specialize in tax law. Many tax attorneys have additional experience as accountants, where they gained an understanding of state and federal taxes. The more experienced the lawyer, the better, but be advised that the most experienced attorneys are also the most expensive.

Section of Taxation
If you're having problems with your taxes or the IRS, make sure you call the experts at our tax attorneys firm in the local Lubbock area. Providing affordable services from our tax attorneys.
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If issues have arisen between you and the IRS, it is in your best interest to hire a tax attorney who works specifically in tax resolutions. Whether you are struggling with debt issues, require estate planning help or have bookkeeping issues that have put you at financial risk, a tax attorney should be able to assist you with individual issues or problems that arise within a corporation. Though finding resolutions for debt, federal or state issues and audits might be strenuous and rates may be expensive, finding some relief may be better than having to compromise with the IRS and become jailed. You can’t beat the law, so it is best to prepare in case your personal finances come under scrutiny. When issues arise with your accounts, finding some form of relief will be your first step in situating yourself. Hiring a tax attorney may be the best step to prepare, and though their rates may vary depending on the case, there may be a number of questions to ask when trying to get the right representation.

  • What qualifications should tax attorneys have?
    These certain attorneys should not only have a Juris Doctor degree, but should also receive a masters of laws that is specified in taxation. These may differ depending on your tax bracket and whether you filed for bankruptcy.

  • What do tax attorneys specialize in?
    An attorney may specialize in tax and IRS debt representation, estate planning, small business taxes, employment tax issues and IRS income issues.

  • What should an individual consider when choosing an attorney?
    A person should consider a referral, that the attorney is member of the state bar, extensive experience, and a clear rate schedule. Depending on your income or kind of bankruptcy, property or back filing you deal with, an offer may be struck between the courts and your attorney.