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Recycling Centers

If you are trying to control your waste management, then you will most likely be taking your recycling items to a designated recycling center in your area. Some people prefer to reuse their old items instead of throwing them out as well. There are many different ways for a person to reduce their waste production and recycling is an effective method that is proven to do just that. These questions will help you in your recycling endeavor when calling recycling companies.

  • Are my items recyclable?
    There are certain items that cannot be recycled, but everything that has a recycling symbol can be. The symbol can usually be found on the packaging of items like bags, plastic containers, bottles, glass, and aluminum cans. Other items, like cardboard, that do not have the symbol are not necessarily just waste, though. Scrap metal and battery cells can also be recycled, but only at specialized recycling center locations; the same goes for computers and other electronic equipment.

  • What are your drop off hours?
    A lot of recycling centers will have disposal bins on their property for twenty-four hour drop offs. They are mostly for things like plastic bottles or mounds of paper. For specialty items like scrap metal, there will probably be specified disposal times.

  • Can you refer me to a specialty center?
    If the center you call or visit can not accept your items, then you can ask them for the location of one that will. They will most likely be able to help you find a suitable center rather easily.
  • Earth 911
    Find out how easy and convenient it is to recycle old bottles and cans at our local Lubbock area recycling center. We teach how the best ways to identify and recycle old items for cash at our recycling center.
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    Jabberwocky Custom Computers Write review for this local business
    2012 34th St, Lubbock, TX 79411
    (806) 749-2012  
    A-1 Recycling L.P. Write review for this local business
    1909 Crickets Ave, Lubbock, TX 79404
    (806) 747-2441  
    American Fiber Write review for this local business
    2002 Weber Dr, Lubbock, TX 79404
    (806) 762-1525  
    Community Metal Recycling Write review for this local business
    508 N University Ave, Lubbock, TX 79415
    (806) 763-2267  
    Jarvis Metals Recycling Inc Write review for this local business
    7825 Olive Ave, Lubbock, TX 79404
    (806) 744-7091  
    Document Shredding and Storage Write review for this local business
    2011 Avenue C, Lubbock, TX 79404
    (806) 687-9974  
    Goodwill Recycling Center Write review for this local business
    714 34th St, Lubbock, TX 79404
    (806) 687-5043  
    Republic Services Write review for this local business
    1812 Keuka St, Lubbock, TX 79403
    (806) 763-8124  
    Commercial Metals-Lubbock Write review for this local business
    212 E County Road 5800, Lubbock, TX 79403
    (806) 746-5026  
    City of Lubbock Solid Waste Write review for this local business
    208 Municipal Dr, Lubbock, TX 79403
    (806) 775-2482  
    Slaton-City Write review for this local business
    371 E Binion Rd, Slaton, TX 79364
    (806) 828-2024  
    Capital Steel Write review for this local business
    401 Avenue T, Levelland, TX 79336
    (806) 894-9006  
    Daffern Steel and Recycling Write review for this local business
    201 S Date St, Plainview, TX 79072
    (806) 293-2609  
    Tyre King Recycling Write review for this local business
    1100 E 34th St, Plainview, TX 79072
    (806) 296-5509  
    Brownfield Recycling Write review for this local business
    1674 Old Seagraves Rd, Brownfield, TX 79316
    (806) 637-3679  
    Lamesa Recycling Write review for this local business
    501 N Lynn Ave, Lamesa, TX 79331
    (806) 872-2243  
    Snyder Iron & Metal Write review for this local business
    208 N Old Post Rd, Snyder, TX 79549
    (325) 573-6862  
    Recycling centers offer scrap metal, aluminum, copper, clothes, local recycled, plastic, paper and newspaper recycling services. When wondering how to choose a recycling center, keep in mind the center's availability, hours, recyclable materials, contact information and services. Find out if the center has a website you can browse for more information. Cities, towns, communities and commercial businesses send their collected recycling torecycling centers. Different recycling centers accept different recyclables. One may specialize in office paper, computer paper and newspaper recycling, while others may specialize in hazardous waste recycling such as paint, batteries and oil. Still others may specialize in the recycling of electronics such as TV monitors and computers. Such items cannot and should not be thrown in the regular trash and need to be disposed of properly. The recycling you leave out every week is taken to recycling centers for recycling that has been separated into paper, plastic and metal. Many companies and businesses send their recyclables to recycling centers. They may get a discount or reimbursement for their contribution to help save the environment. When considering how to find a recycling center, remember to target recycling companies that meet your specific needs. Check out a few different companies before choosing one, asking about free or discount services, company history, location and accepted recycling materials such as scrap metal, aluminum, copper, plastic, paper, clothing, newspaper, batteries, accessories, electronics, furniture and cheap tin cans. Ask what the reimbursement rate is and how you can obtain recycling bins, containers, bags and other collection supplies in choosing the recycling service that meets your requirements.