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Terms For Different Branches of Psychology
If you are looking for a psychological assistance, it is helpful to have a referral service to assist you in finding psychologists and counseling centers in your area. Psychologist referral services list the names, contact information and credentials of licensed psychologists in your area. They can also help you find psychiatrists and therapists that specialize in certain fields. Here is a list of terms that will help you better understand the various psychological disciplines:

Clinical Psychologist: Clinical psychologists evaluate, diagnose and treat mental illnesses and behavioral abnormalities. There are many specializations within the branch of clinical psychology, such as eating disorders, addiction, depression, sexual dysfunction and various phobias. In addition to conducting psychotherapeutic treatments, clinical psychologists also teach, conduct field research and administer psychological public programs.

Organizational Psychologist: Organizational psychologists practice on clients in a workplace environment. Organizational psychologists employ training programs, one-on-one counseling, team building exercises and employer guidance to increase productivity and employee well-being.

Educational Psychologist: Psychologists that study the behavior of people in an educational setting; namely how people learn. Of particular interest are those with learning disabilities. Educational psychologists are research oriented, while psychologists that treat individuals in an educational environment are called school psychologists.

Family Psychologist: The practitioners of the field of psychology relating to family oriented issues. These psychologists work with families and couples in intimate relationships as a group, and analyze behavior and relationship patterns rather than the unconscious mind. This branch is also known as Family Therapy, Couples Counseling and Family System Counseling.

Forensic Psychologist: These are psychologists that also have training in the criminal justice system, and likely have an area of expertise in one particular psychological field. A forensic psychologist’s primary focus is the evaluation and diagnosis of emotional disorders within the context of a trial setting, rather than the treatment of those emotional disorders. Forensic psychologists must also determine whether or not the client is competent to stand trial.

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Psychologist referral services employ referral specialists to connect patients with psychologists. Referral specialists set up appointments for people who need help dealing with anxiety, mood disorders and many other mental health issues.

Referral specialists may be employed by an insurance company. Insurance companies employ referral specialists to direct patients to psychologists and counselors that are covered by their policies. Disability insurance often only covers patients when they visit certain in-network providers. Referral specialists help patients find information about which providers and services are covered. Psychotherapy and counseling centers employ referral specialists to speak with potential patients about individual needs and to schedule therapy sessions. Referral specialists employed by counseling centers may also provide general information to individuals with questions about specific conditions.

There is no specific training for a referral specialist, though a high school degree is usually required. Good organizational and communication skills are a must for anyone seeking to become a referral specialist. Psychologist referral specialists also benefit from basic knowledge of various mental and mood disorders. Suicide prevention training is also necessary as referral specialists must be able to quickly assess when a patient is in crisis and in need of immediate care. A good psychologist referral specialist will handle even the most stressed clients with patience and compassion.

Referral specialists employed by family counseling centers often help parents find psychologists for children with autism, anger issues, behavioral disorders and various other mental health issues. They may also be asked to schedule appointments for family counseling sessions involving a child's parents or siblings.

An organized and compassionate referral specialist efficiently connects patients with psychologists who can provide them with the care they need.