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Important Terms to Know About Ice
You can buy ice for a variety of purposes, whether shaved ice for slushies, ice blocks for ice sculptures or dry ice for shows and concerts. Makers of ice can provide ice delivery for their customers large or small. Ice skating is a fun winter sport and icicles can be fun to lick on a cold winter day. For your enjoyment, here are some important terms to know about ice:

Ice Floe: A large pack of ice that moves slowly with ocean currents.

Ice Worms: Bubbles in ice cubes that resemble wiggly worms, caused when gas is excluded at the interface.

Accretion: The growing of particles of precipitation caused by collisions of ice crystals with liquid droplets. They freeze on impact.

Ice Lens: Responsible for frost heaves in roadways, this is an ice-shaped buildup that forms in soils where water joins the crystals.

Border Ice: Ice that is created along the shore and that fastens to it. This type of ice does not extend across the river, also known as shore ice.

Polycrystal: A snowflake made up of many tiny ice crystals.

Sheet Ice: An ice cover that is smooth and continuous, created by freezing of lake ice. It can also happen via the juxtaposition of ice floes in a single layer or river ice.

Depth Hoar: Large, coarse, faceted crystals of snow resulting from strong temperature gradients within a pack of snow.

Snowburst: Very strong snow showers, usually short in duration, that reduces visibility and produces rapid snow accumulation for short periods of time.

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If you own a restaurant, work for a catering service, or are a professional ice sculptor, you will likely need to purchase large quantities of ice from a distributor. Fortunately there are both retail and wholesale dealers to choose from. While it is important to have a proper cold storage facility to freeze the ice in, it is also important to make certain the distributor has the right ice products you need for your business.

  • What is the purity level of the ice you offer?
    The purity level of ice is often important to restaurants and food businesses. After all, it is likely going to be used in beverages and at bars. Therefore it is a good idea to inquire about the water that is used to make the ice, and what devices they freeze the water in.

  • How is the ice delivered?
    The shape and size of the products you purchase is typically important. For instance, if you intend to use it in beverages, it needs to be small and suitable for glasses. If you require a large block to shave and sculpt, it probably needs to be a specific size. So, be sure to find out what options the wholesale dealer or retail distributor offers.

  • Do you offer dry ice?
    Not all distributors handle dry ice. After all, if this type is not properly kept in cold storage units at all times, it evaporates. If you specifically require dry ice for packaging frozen foods, or creating artificial fog, be sure to ask a few different distributors. This will help you get the best deal.

  • What is the clarity level of the ice you distribute?
    The clarity of ice is often important to professional sculptors. After all, the finished product often has to be clear with a glassy or crystal-like finish.