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Questions You Should Ask a Dermatology Doctor

Dermatologists diagnose and treat dermal conditions and diseases. They offer assistance in fighting the signs of aging and choosing the best creams to prevent age lines and wrinkles. If you have HMO health insurance, you must choose an approved doctor, but you'll get exceptional care if you know the questions to ask.

  • Will the dermatology doctor map my moles?
    Once a year, you should have a professional mark the moles on your body so that they are checked for growth or irregularity. Moles that are irregular or that grow in size, signal the possibility of a dangerous cancer called melanoma. It's important to have these tumors biopsied to see if they are benign or cancerous. Use sun block and makeup with sunscreen to prevent the disease.

  • I wash my face daily, so why do I have acne?
    Oily skin is only one of the reasons people get acne. Hormonal changes, foods, sweat and dirt all trigger break outs. Some pimples and redness are actually the symptoms of a condition called rosacea. Rosacea occurs when your immune system kicks in causing redness and pimple-like bumps. Your dermatologist will recommend natural or organic products that help clear your face without causing pimples or reactions in people who are sensitive to ingredients or perfume in many cosmetics.

  • Would laser treatments from a dermatology expert benefit me?
    Lasers help remove the top layers of tissue revealing healthy, new tissue underneath. It's beneficial because there's no surgery involved, so there's no scarring. Those with fine lines, age spots or wrinkles benefit from laser treatments.

  • How does exfoliating help my skin?
    People with rosacea should not use exfoliating facial masks, washes or creams because they increase the redness. For those with blackheads, exfoliating helps remove dead tissue and dirt that is trapped in pores. Always moisturize with an oil-free lotion after.
  • American Academy Of Dermatology
    For anyone considering the field of dermatology as a medical specialty, our academy is for you. Providing the premiere source of education for dermatology doctors so you can build a successful practice.
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    The field of dermatology is both a great career choice and a demanding job in medicine. An intense and interesting medical field, it concentrates on the study and treatment of skin conditions and diseases while dealing directly with skin conditions ranging from acne to melanoma.

    The daily work of a dermatologist involves diagnosing and treating a range of ailments that pose serious health threats or are simply cosmetic blemishes in the eyes of patients. Dermatologists issue healing creams and lotions for less serious cases while the larger, deadlier circumstances are handled accordingly. Serious skin conditions and cancers may require invasive surgery, which is the job of the practitioner to judge and pathologists to undertake.

    Dermatolopathologists specialize in treating and preventing serious cases like tumors. When facial products fail, these doctors call on more extreme measures to extract the diseased tissue. Therapists of dermatology are less extreme, treating acne and rosacea using exfoliating medicines to heal the affected area. Serious cases of redness that do not respond to masks may be referred to laser treatment. Cosmetic dermatologists may also deal with acne and other unnatural diseases. These doctors work on improving the skin to remove spots and wrinkles when makeup and moisturizers fail to work.

    Becoming a dermatologist requires concentration and dedication. A student who wants to pursue dermatology can expect to spend four years in dermatology training after earning a medical degree, followed by a one-year internship and three-year residency. However, the career has its perks: a nice salary while helping others.

    Pursuing dermatology as a profession is a perfect choice for dedicated students, and while the day job is fierce, it only reminds you to keep wearing your sun block.