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Questions to Ask an Eye Care Professional about Contact Lenses

If you are planning to purchase contact lenses for corrective or cosmetic purposes, you will need to visit an eye care professional to get lenses prescribed and to get fitted. Before your buy your contacts, there are a few questions you should consider asking your eye care professional.

  • What options are available to you?
    Depending on your eyes, there are different corrective or cosmetic options your eye care professional can prescribe. Color contacts, circle contacts, and Halloween costume contacts come in many different colors and sizes. If you need strong correction, hard contacts may be better for you than soft. Also, individuals with astigmatism can wear both rigid and soft contact lenses. However, one option may work better for you.

  • How should you care for your contact lenses?
    Your eye care professional can recommend a good multipurpose solution for cleaning your contacts and a good storage container. Also, you may need special eye drops to prevent dryness or irritation.

  • How often should you replace your contacts?
    Some contacts should be taken out at night, while others can be worn overnight. Also, disposable contacts should be replaced daily, but extended wear contacts can be left in for a week to a month. Some Halloween contacts and circle contacts cover the pupil and need to be taken out after a few hours to prevent eye stress.

  • How much will my contacts cost?
    Your eye care professional is required to give you your prescription if you ask, so you can shop around and order affordable contacts. By comparing prices for different brands you can find the best deal on your contacts.
  • Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists Inc
    Our association is dedicated to bringing the best contact lenses to people everywhere in the country. Providing resources, information, and more for both optometrists and eye care patients.
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    Optometrists and ophthalmologists are qualified professionals who can fit patients with appropriate eye wear, from glasses to contact lenses. Patients usually have to undergo some tests at the doctor's office to determine what the vision problem is and discuss ways on how to improve it. Whether for cosmetic or practical purposes, contacts are often a good option, because they are comfortable, generally easy to use, and don't get in the way like eye glasses do. They can also have the added benefit of changing eye color.

    Contact lens providers offer services such as cheap bulk discounts, sales, consultations, trial periods, and insurance acceptance. Products can range from daily and monthly wear prescriptions to disposable and bifocal lenses. Keeping an eye out for discounts to buy soft contacts is imperative, as they can tear easily and may need to be replaced often. You want to have a good supply on hand at all times, so it's a good idea to keep prescriptions up to date so you'll be able to buy contacts when you need them.

    Contact lens providers may also offer delivery, free shipping on web orders, price guarantees, 24/7 live customer service, and online ordering. Many contact lens providers feature websites that offer helpful tips on choosing contacts, information on the various types of lenses, such as toric for astigmatism, colored, and those for nearsightedness and farsightedness. Professionals in this business should have extensive knowledge of glasses and contacts, and be able to provide customers with detailed information on the various brands. Contact lens suppliers should boast proven reputations in the industry, offering quality eye wear to improve vision at an affordable price.