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Questions to Ask When in Need of Boat Repair

When you are on the market for boat repair services, there are several things you should consider. Finding the right dealer or shop to perform the repairs can save you money and ensure the work is done properly. Before you have your marine vessel or boat repaired, the following are questions you should ask yourself or the industry professional.

  • What type of boat do I have?
    Do you have a fiberglass boat or a marine vessel? Most shops will be able to handle nearly any type of boat or ship you may have. If you know what the issue with the boat is, you can perform an online search to find what the best deal is for repair. Since fiberglass boats are common, you won't have an issue if that is the type of boat you own.

  • What type of engine do I have?
    There are a few types of motors that you may have in your vessel. There are both outboard and inboard motors. There are diesel and gas motors as well. If you know you have a motor issue, try to find a company that has extensive knowledge on the type of motor in your boat.

  • What is my budget?
    As with any repair project, the budget you have is the most important thing before getting the repairs completed. An outboard or inboard engine issue may be too costly for you to have repaired right now. You may want to look into a bank loan to cover the cost of repairs or a credit card if you are unable to pay the full amount right away.
  • American Boat Builders and Repairers Association
    Offering the best source of networking for everyone in the boating and boat repair industry. Make sure you apply for membership with our prestigious association to gain more resources.
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    A boat repair specialist is an individual who understands the workings of various types of boats, marine vessels and ships. He or she has the knowledge and the experience to repair everything from a boat's diesel fueled engine to the underwater propeller to a ship's wooden hull, stern and deck. Depending if you own a fiberglass boat that needs a FBR coating, a sailboat that needs a rig installed or a inboard or outboard motor boat that needs its gears checked, find a professional that works on building the type of boat you own to guarantee that they understand how to properly repair it. A marine vessel repair man may work full time on boats or also part time as a dealer or salesman in a boat shop. Either way, they should have years of sailing experience and be up to date with boat technology. For instance, they should know the difference between an inboard and an outboard motor, what types of ignitions are best for fiberglass boats and how boat restoration works. They should also know the proper way to fix an epoxy if it happens to crack. A related profession to those who repair boats are those who work on boats and ships as deckhands. These individuals, like boat repair men, should understand how boats float and how to repair various problems that may occur when out to sea. Although they may not always have formal training, these individuals should know how to work around a boat and how to sail.