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Questions to Ask Automobile Alarm Dealers

Did you know that a motor vehicle is stolen every 40 seconds? And even if you have comprehensive auto insurance, it will not completely protect you from out of pocket expenses in the form of premium hikes, towing services and time off of work. When speaking with a dealer about which auto alarm to buy, be sure to ask these questions.

  • What anti theft features are included?
    One popular security feature will prevent your ignition from working should someone break into your car. Another allows you to press a button on the remote that turns your engine off if an intruder starts it. Also look for a feature that will cause your lights to flash when the audio part goes off. And think about buying a system with a GPS tracking system in the event that your car gets stolen.

  • What accessories are included?
    There is more to an alarm than security—these contraptions can make your life more convenient, too. Common accessories include a keyless entry remote and a sensor that causes the alarm to sound if someone touches your car, which will protect your car exterior from vandalism. This feature usually has a dual siren--one with lighter audio to warn intruders, and the other with a full-fledged siren for higher impact. Also popular is a remote start, a device that starts your car and gets it warm (or cool) with the push of a button.

  • How easy is the installation?
    Complicated wiring and parts can make installation a hassle, but you can find great systems with simple instructions. A wireless option, which simply attaches to your battery, is especially easy to install. Or get a compact version, which has all the electronic components built into the siren.
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    Automobile dealers and mechanics that provide installation of alarms, tracking devices, and other remote electronic devices are skilled in wiring. They can provide a turnaround time for when the job will be done, plus they can offer any other accessories the car owner may wish to install to prevent vandalism or theft. Tracking devices, for example, can locate the car in the event it is stolen.

    These technicians should pay close attention to detail and have good hand eye coordination. They should have good time management skills and be able to complete jobs under deadlines. No formal schooling is necessary, but course work, trade school, and on-the-job training are all usually involved.

    Customers who prefer to shop for their own remote control wireless alarm systems for security and protection can visit an electronics store, auto supplies shop, or online sites. These providers sell a variety of security accessories to protect your investment from intruders. Customers can browse inventory, which may include remote keyless entry systems, GPS units, audio devices, and two-way vehicle starters.

    Customers have options, which dealers can outline, as to the sound of the siren and flash of the alarm. Some are very loud, while others are more subdued. Some keep going off until the owner presses the appropriate button, while others go off for a short time and then stop. Some anti theft devices flash lights on and off, while others feature just audio. Online options abound as well, with perks such as free shipping, custom orders, gift certificates, and warranties. When visiting a dealer or mechanic, customers can choose from installation services and wiring to troubleshooting and repair.