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Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Facility

Placing a loved one in an assisted living facility (ALF) is not an easy decision, but it can have serious consequences in the long term. Most likely, you don't have much experience dealing with assisted living facilities, so here are some helpful questions you may wish to ask while you search for the right home for your retired senior citizen.

  • Is this the correct type of facility?
    Most people hear about "rest homes" and "retirement communities" without realizing that these facilities perform different functions. An assisted living facility provides a moderate level of medical supervision; if your loved one is suffering from a serious illness, like advanced Alzheimer's disease, you will need the more skilled care provided by a nursing home. There are other types of homes you should know about. A hospice is a center for the terminally ill; a convalescent home specializes in persons recovering from serious illness.

  • Are you licensed?
    Though unlicensed homes are out there, you should ideally choose a facility licensed by the state.

  • What are the payment options?
    Assisted living facilities can be expensive. Medicaid and Medicare can cover some costs, but usually not all. If your loved one is a veteran, they may qualify for aid from programs administered by the Veterans Health Administration.

  • What kind of housing do you have?
    Assisted living facilities usually provide a separate apartment for each senior, but others have communal sleeping spaces.

  • How many nurses do you have on staff?
    Keep in mind that, unlike nursing homes and hospitals, ALFs usually do not have nurses around 24 hours a day.

  • What kind of social activities do you provide?
    Some ALFs attempt to foster a sense of community and dignified adult living, others are more impersonal. They can also differ in the degree of independent living afforded to its elderly residents.
  • Emeritus at Tarzana
    Consider us the preferred assisted living facility in the local Lubbock area. With doctors, nurses, and experienced counselors on hand, your loved ones will enjoy our assisted living facilities.

    "I highly recommend this facility. Its clean, happy environment and highly professonal and caring health team is a welcome beacon for retirement. ..."
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    National Center for Assisted Living
    Our association is dedicated to all health care services, including assisted living facilities for the elderly and aging. Make sure your health service business is listed with our prestigious association.
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    American Seniors Housing Association
    If you provide assisted living facilities for elderly clients, you should become a member of our prestigious association. Making sure clients know you are a great choice to care for their loved ones.
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    Leading Age
    If you offer any assisted living services or a facility, you can become a member of our association. Providing elderly care businesses with additional resources and promotional services.
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    From programs to medication administration, assisted living facilities provide many vital services to retired folks and those suffering from disabilities. Such homes may cater to patients with Alzheimer’s or veterans, along with younger adults with handicaps. Insurance acceptance may vary from facility to facility. Family members of loved ones can find this information and more when they contact a facility in their area.

    Convalescent homes allow independent citizens to rest and relax, while having all their daily needs met, whether that requires near complete independence or assistance with personal grooming and therapy. Assisted living facilities offer apartment-style or home-like atmospheres where senior retirement patients can feel safe and cared for.

    They may offer regular programs and activities for elders designed to entertainment residents or meet basic needs. Skilled nurses are one main component of assisted living facilities, providing necessary medical care, along with day-to-day health care assistance. Physical and occupational therapists are another component. These therapists can help patients restore function in their arms or legs, for instance, enhancing quality of life outside of a hospital setting. They may focus on gross motor skills or fine motor skills, depending on the individual.

    When visiting assisted living housing centers, you can expect to be greeted by a receptionist, who can advise on services offered and set you up for a tour. Nursing home administrators can meet with you to tour the facility, pointing out qualified professionals who will be a part of your loved one’s life. Some are geared more towards senior citizens, such as within nursing homes, while others are geared more toward long term care for young adults within a community home setting. There will be applications to fill out, insurance information requirements and more during this process, depending on what type of health care is needed, such as hospice.

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