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Printing Services Questions

Digital printers provide excellent services for any business. These machines can provide multiple functions for letterhead or large or wide offset copies. Smaller machines are available for home use and can provide excellent cards, digital photos, and even wedding invitations. Many manufacturers will also supply specialty stores to be prepared for most graphic needs when putting together a poster, brochure or even a magazine. Most prints will be available in black and white or color, depending on your needs. Commercial use has become popular, and is often provided by supply stores. There are a number of things to consider before working with a photo copying device.

  • What are the different types of printers?
    There are many types of printers, including toner-based printers, as well as liquid inkjet, solid ink, and dye-sublimation. There are also inkless printers, which include thermal printers, that heats paper to make text come through, as well as UV printers, which hopes to take over printing since it uses reusable paper sensitive to UV chemicals. The ink printers can be used for business cards and is great at custom jobs such as offsetting, legal papers or flyers.

  • What’s printer stenography?
    This consists of the text that is produced by a color printer performed by any of the brand name machines available at most shops.

  • What are printing modes?
    This data received by a printer may be a string of characters, bitmapped image, and vector image. Plain text contains an ordinary sequential file that can be read in text format as a string of characters. Bitmaps is a data structure as a grid of pixels, or bit of color that show on monitors or paper. Finally, vector graphics are computer graphics that represent images.
  • Graphic Monsters Inc.
    If you need to print multiple photos, brochures, documents, or other paperwork, just stop by our local Lexington area printing services. Offering all of the printing services you need.
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    Ayalon Printing
    Call our firm today to see how affordable our local Lexington area printing services can be! Whether you're looking for printing services in Lexington for your sports team, business, or organization we can help.
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    Bluegrass Print Of Ky Llc Write review for this local business
    832 W. High Street, Suite A, Lexington, KY 40508
    (859) 533-3092  
    Printing and graphic design company specializing in logo design and graphic layout, and the printing of business cards, banners, brochures, labels, posters, newsletters, flyers, business forms, postcards, etc.
    Duffy Printing
    1 review: *****
    911 W North Bend Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45224
    (513) 242-3828 Write review for this local business

    "requested a logo and its been two weeks and never received the email. even after the person said they would email the draft to me on 5/28/08 ..."
    Spectrum Printing
    1 review: *****
    324 W Wyoming Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215
    (513) 761-3775 Write review for this local business

    "When looking for someone to prpare our office printing needs we heard about Steve Barrett and his Spectrum Printing. We gave them a try and they did a FANTASTIC job! Priced Reasonably and fast service. We would recommend them to anyone looking for printing needs. ..."
    Universal Directories Limited Write review for this local business
    109 Kentucky Ave, Lexington, KY 40502
    (859) 254-7148  
    PRO Printers Inc Write review for this local business
    368 Longview Plz, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 278-2773  
    Feeback Printing & Mailing Service Inc Write review for this local business
    184 N Martin Luther King Blvd, Lexington, KY 40507
    (859) 252-5635  
    Timprint Write review for this local business
    860 Corporate Dr Ste 107, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 223-7373  
    Rapid Graphics Printing Write review for this local business
    377 E Main St, Lexington, KY 40507
    (859) 253-2455  
    Minuteman Press Write review for this local business
    160 Moore Dr Ste 106, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 278-0951  
    Del -Ray Printing Write review for this local business
    232 Gold Rush Rd Ste B, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 276-5440  
    Myers Printing Incorporated Write review for this local business
    737 Price Ave, Lexington, KY 40508
    (859) 255-9413  
    Econo Print of Lexington Write review for this local business
    407 S Broadway, Lexington, KY 40508
    (859) 253-2003  
    United Grafix Inc Write review for this local business
    156 E Third St, Lexington, KY 40508
    (859) 255-7978  
    Mondo Print Write review for this local business
    832 W High St, Suite A, Lexington, KY 40508
    (323) 638-9892  
    The Print Factor Write review for this local business
    385 S Mill St, Lexington, KY 40508
    (859) 231-0388  
    Dingo Xpress Write review for this local business
    237 Southland Dr, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 554-5320  
    Insty-Prints Write review for this local business
    2413 Nicholasville Rd, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 276-4002  
    Copy Shop Printing Co The Write review for this local business
    155 W Tiverton Way, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 245-9130  
    Lynn Blue Print Lynn Copies Write review for this local business
    1975 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 276-5966  
    Allegra Design Print Mail Write review for this local business
    198 Moore Dr, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 277-7468  
    R R Donnelley 0287 Write review for this local business
    1301 W Main St, Lexington, KY 40508
    (859) 225-7156  
    Computer Color Corp Write review for this local business
    228 Big Run Rd, Lexington, KY 40503
    (859) 277-2832  
    Byrne Pat Printing Inc Write review for this local business
    640 W Maxwell St Ste 110, Lexington, KY 40508
    (859) 252-0757  
    It goes without saying that the physical appearance and location of the printing service or business should play a part in whether or not you choose to work with them. When you visit their location in person, you might as well make all inquiries regarding full color commercial documents, business magazine covers, large brochure packets in black & white, wholesale printers, digital graphic format, poster supplies, custom flyers, wholesale photocopy equipment, legal letterhead printing, business brochures, shop outsource tasks and offset printing equipment you feel are relevant. This will clearly help you make a decision regarding their services. You may even find it helpful to ask about how grand their organization is. For example, are they merely a local printing service that deals with full color commercial documents, large magazine covers and business brochure printing, or do they operate on a nationwide scale? This could have an impact on your perception of them. On a separate note, never dismiss customer service skills. Any business that lacks customer service abilities and professionalism should be passed on. No matter which printing service you choose to speak with, be sure you attain their official hours of operation so that it's easy to get in touch with them and discuss paper formats, printing ink, letterhead issues, flyers, custom work and photocopy options. Finally, it's always a good plan to think about costs and pricing. It goes without saying that some printing services will demand higher prices than others will. Therefore it's wise to compare prices and specifics before choosing.

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