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Sawmill questions

In modern times, sawmills are where massive amounts of raw lumber is produced into usable wooden boards and planks. Simply put, a log is entered at one end and a board is removed at the other. Sawmills do this by utilizing a variety of different saws, like band saws and circular saws which make the main cuts into the lumber. The wood is further trimmed into usable material by resaws until it fits the proper dimensions.

  • Where can I find a sawmill
    Most large sawmills are located by large forests. If you happen to live in a highly forested area, then you probably have commercial sawmills within driving distance. However, not everyone has a sawmills close by, but can find their products and local home improvement and builder supply shops. Furthermore, another option to consider is a small local sawmill. Most towns do have local sawmills. If you have a tree fallen down that you would like cut up into lumber, a sawmill can do that.

  • If I have a fallen tree, do I need to use a sawmill?
    No, not unless you want to reuse the lumber. If you don't care about the lumber, then you can simply cut up the tree with a chainsaw and discard the logs.

  • What about portable sawmills?
    A portable sawmill is a small device that can cut up logs just like a regular sized sawmill. It is sold in some stores and able to used by a homeowner. If your land has a lot of trees, or you have a special interest in woodworking with hardwoods that are hard to find, a portable sawmill would likely be a good investment.
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    698 Pleasant Valley Rd, Rainbow City, AL 35906
    (256) 442-7400  
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    9059 Highway 69, Oakman, AL 35579
    (205) 622-3796  
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    791 Scott Rd, Hazel Green, AL 35750
    (256) 828-4596  

    Working in a sawmill can be a very demanding and rewarding job to get involved with. Since there are a number of saw mill facilities across the country that process hard wood, large logs, and timber, there is a steady need for professionals in this field. You may not be aware that saw mills use a variety of chain, circular and portable band saws to cut logs and timber into boards, vertical trim and planks. These flat and cylinder-shaped wood products are used by all kinds of manufacturers all over the world.

    If you are interested in working in a saw mill, you should know that a certain degree of personal training is imperative for this line of work. After all, you will be using bladed saws with very sharp edges on a daily basis. It is important to know your way around portable saw mill equipment, cutting machine accessories, and mobile tools used to cut, split and shape hard boards. Workers are used to working with both manual and hydraulic tools of all types and capacities.

    Typically, saw mill workers first train on the job under experienced professionals in order to learn more about mini saw tools, vertical lumber processing, and cutting trim or planks of wood by the yard. There is certainly an important safety process that goes along with this unique profession.

    It is probable that you will have to work with a number of other saw mill experts when you get involved with this line of work. After all, it takes a significant group of workers to process high volumes of hard woods and large logs effectively.