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Important Questions to Ask about Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can improve your appearance, but there are more than a few misconceptions about them out there. If you're going to a salon to get hair extensions, you need to keep in mind some important questions.

  • Should I use human or synthetic hair?
    Human hair is expensive but can be styled more easily and tends to look natural. Synthetic hair is cheaper but less durable. It is also more likely than human hair to become tangled and frizzy; in addition, some people can have allergic reactions to synthetic hair. However, synthetic extensions don't weigh as much, putting less strain on your real hair.

  • Will the extensions damage my hair?
    Unlike wigs, extensions can possibly cause damage. An experienced stylist is less likely to make serious mistakes. People with thinning hair or certain medical conditions concerning their hair may not be good candidates for extensions; they may be advised to try wigs instead. Tightly braided hair weaves may be painful to wear. To avoid damage, be sure your stylist advises you on the proper way to brush and wash your extensions. Also, extensions can damage your hair if you fail to have them removed within a certain time frame.

  • Which method of attachment should be used?
    Fusion hair extensions, attached with adhesives and a heating appliance, are the most popular today, and if properly maintained can last up to six months. Those who prefer a less permanent and less expensive method may opt to use clips to attach their extensions.

  • How much will maintenance visits cost?
    When considering costs, keep in mind that you will have to pay for maintenance visits. Your hair is constantly growing and shedding strands, which causes problems for your weave or extensions. You can expect to return to your stylist every month or two to correct loosening clips and similar problems.
  • National Cosmetology Association
    For the most affordable source of hair extension specialists in your area, browse our association's nationwide directory. Providing quality information about hair extensions and stylists.

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    Since there are many women who need hair extensions and wigs, this is a major industry nowadays. Therefore many opportunities for salon stylists and beauty experts are available in this field. In this line of work, you are certainly likely to deal with an array of synthetic and real human hair products. This includes weaves that clip into hair, long and short highlights, as well as custom eyelashes. Depending on the salon you work for, you may also have to handle other beauty products. Essentially it is your job to assist people with hair styles and weaves that suit their needs and preferences.

    You will likely need some cosmetology training in order to work in this business or at a professional salon. This way you will know how to properly handle braided hair weaves, natural highlights, custom eyelashes, and trimming bangs. While some hair extensions are cheap and synthetic, others are very expensive, and look completely real. There are also various colors that apply to wigs and clip on hair extensions. This way women can get the blonde, red, or black human hair weaves they need. While some are curly, others are wavy or straight. There is a certain fusion process involved with putting in hair extensions and weaves that you must learn as a style expert or beautician.

    In this line of work, you will often work with a variety of different women. Many of which will have different preferences for specific hair extensions, braided weaves, and clip in hair pieces.