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Water and sewer questions

Do you ever wonder where the water in your house comes from, or where it goes once it falls down the drain? Water is brought into your house by pipes from the water utility company, and water is taken from your house by the sewage company. Rest assured that the two companies are separate, so you do not have to ever worry about drinking raw sewage. Below are some other common questions.

  • What goes into my water before drinking it?
    Drinking water, called tap water because it comes from the faucet, usually originates in an aquifer, spring or reservoir. Often it must to go through a treatment process to purify the water by adding chemicals, like chlorine. These chemicals purify the water by killing off bacteria. Once treated, the water is then taken to homes through pipes to be used.

  • How can I tell what has been added to my water?
    Stores do sell test strips that allow you to see the amount of chemicals added to water. For example, many people expect to see chlorine, but some lesser known chemicals like fluoride also get added by utility companies.

  • How do I know if I have a septic tank?
    When you bought your house, if you had a septic tank you should have been informed there was one of the property. Sometimes septic tanks will be called other names, such as on-site sewer system, individual sewer system or on-site waste treatment system.

  • What does the sewer company do with my water?
    All water going to the sewer treatment plants must be heavily treated to remove waste. Usually, once this happens the water is no longer usable for human consumption and it is released. However, new technologies have allowed water to be recycled from waste treatment plants.
  • Association Of Water Companies
    Local water-and-sewage-companies-utility in the Laurel area. Our water-and-sewage-companies-utility will help you with your water and sewer needs Laurel.

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    Running water is often taken for granted. The amount of work needed to ensure that everyone has it tends to remain unnoticed until there is a drought. In most cases the water utility is also the sewage company. The same company will purify and supply drinking water, though also treat waste.

    Some households are on their own as far as water supply is concerned. Such homes rely on a septic tank for waste treatment, which must be correctly installed and maintained. Most jurisdictions require that the tank be inspected regularly to ensure it is not leaking and that it be a certain distance from the home. For drinking water, a spring or well is generally relied on, with an electric pump.

    Most households, however, are hooked up to the mains system. Tap water is supposed to be drinkable, although in some areas the taste can be questionable. Certain chemicals, such as fluorine and even chlorine are often added to drinking water. Because of this, bottled and distilled water are commonly purchased.

    The water company manages reservoirs, drawing their supply from aquifers. In rare cases, desalination technology is used, a process during which salt is removed. Awareness of water as a limited resource has increased. Flat rates for water supply have been replaced by meters. This encourages users to conserve, collect rain and install greywater systems to recycle and reuse water. Companies are responsible for inspecting and maintaining what may be miles of pipes. The utility is responsible if water is not clean. They use a system of sedimentation, filtration and disinfection to purify the water.

    Sewage treatment is designed to reduce pollution. It also relies on sedimentation, followed by aeration. Some plants are moving to an anaerobic treatment process that produces methane as fuel. Sewage pipe inspection is a major industry in large cities.

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