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What to Ask When Converting Your Old Video onto DVD

If you have a collection of video tapes and family films so large that the shelf holding all of them has snapped under all the weight? Then you're ready to transfer those tapes onto DVDs. It's relatively simple and with the right questions, you'll be able to go to an electronics store in the morning and be converting by the afternoon.

  • What type of equipment do I need?
    When you go into purchase the conversion equipment, there are so many options from "all in one" machines to computers and computer equipment that convert. Starting off with this basic question will get you to the right department. If you want to do it via your computer, then you'll want to ask a computer technician and salesman. If you want a combination DVD/VHS converter or an "all in one", then you'll want someone who specializes in TVs and other video players.

  • What type of disk do I need and what's the difference between DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW?
    All blank DVDs can be formatted to suit your needs. But whether you want to duplicate the film once or many times, you need to purchase the right disk for the job.

  • Do I need special software to transfer my old videos and films onto DVD?
    You'll likely need new software if you're doing it on your computer, but be careful as some may try to sell you extra software even though the hardware you're purchasing comes with the necessary software.

  • Can I duplicate a DVD more than once after I've transferred and converted the video?
    Ask this question to get the right disk, but also the right program as certain software will format your disk enabling you to duplicate or not.
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    Make sure you employ only the highest quality video tape duplicating and transfer service available with our local Kunia area experts. Helping you with any video duplicating or transferring needs.
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    Hire a professional to duplicate your files or upload your VHS tape to a modern format. Using high quality recording software, companies take your original recordings and transfer the data to Blu-Ray, CD or DVD discs. When duplicating the original photo or film, many companies edit glitches, add music soundtracks or fine-tune image colors. If your original is in black and white, ask about adding color. Digital equipment enhances originals and records them on the latest software that won't deteriorate.

    Water, fire and humidity affect VHS tape quality. You stand to lose critical data and video. Once it's destroyed, there's no getting it back. Imagine losing your wedding photos, pictures of your first baby or the only photos of your parents. Keeping copies in a safe or safe deposit box protects your special memories or important business files. Companies specializing in converting or editing photos and video work with any file size or length. They transfer or convert the data to modern technology and provide you with copies.

    Wedding photography and films are important reasons to look into duplicating your VHS copy. If your original is lost and you didn't have a duplicate, then you've lost that footage permanently. It's smart to store wedding photos on a CD and copy VHS footage to discs. Some companies enhance the format and burn the new video to Blu-Ray discs using special digital equipment. They'll print out disc labels, create an archive listing and create a custom cover for your new DVD movie. It's a great service to have available for any special event.