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Transportation Brokers and Consultants

Transportation brokers and consultants must be licensed in order to be hired for their services. Many brokers and consultants have worked in the transportation industry in the past in order to learn successful logistics and distribution techniques. Some may have been a truck driver themselves and have gained the necessary experience through that in order to help other companies ship their products and still save money. Speaking with a transportation broker or consultant is the best way to learn about their credentials and what they can do for a company.

In order to save on freight costs, a company can hire a transportation consultant to look over how deliveries are conducted and try to find an area where they can save money. Changing transportation methods may include using railroads instead of airplanes to ship cargo. It may be recommended to change how a load is packaged, so fewer trucks are needed for deliveries. Brokers can help set up a better way to track where a fleet of trucks are located to keep their customers up to date on when the cargo is going to arrive.

Some transportation brokers may do more business with couriers within a certain city or state. Others have the contacts and experience to manage a fleet of freight trucks transporting goods across the country or internationally. Consultants can coordinate the direct route delivery trucks follow to reduce the amount of miles it takes to get delivered. Changing the size of the containers or how the parcels are packaged can increase the truck's load and help companies save on delivery costs.

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Trucking transportation brokers and consultants companies offer industry, lines, cargo, carrier, hauling, shipment, cartage, consolidate, container, delivery, dispatch, distribution, fleet, freight, load, terminal and other services. When choosing the best trucking transportation broker or consultant, research the company's background carefully, noting how long the company has been in business, affiliations and contact information. Visit with a few companies to see which one can meet your needs. Check out the company's physical location if possible. Is it neat and well maintained? Is the company local, national or international? Does it deal with international rail lines, for instance, or is it strictly domestic? When finding a trucking transportation broker and consultant for your needs, speak with several professionals to get a feel for the company. Are customer service members courteous, reflecting a positive business attitude? Does the company offer the services you are interested in? If so, it may be a good fit. Make a detailed list of the services each company offers, such as flatbed service, transit shipping on the road, express service, courier service, interstate shipping, refrigerated car service and bulk service. Get quotes on rates, taking note of the company's availability, hours and quality of service before choosing a trucking transportation broker. Get references and recommendations and check them out. Consider which type of service you need and find a company that offers that particular service. When choosing a trucking transportation broker and consultant, keep in mind you may have to sign a contract once you have sealed the deal. Get that contract in writing before signing anything. By knowing what questions to ask, you should be able to find the company that is best for you in serving your industry, cargo, carrier, hauling and shipment needs.