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Important Personal Care Home Terms
Several levels of assistance are available to the elderly in-home and at residential facilities. Below are some useful terms to know when considering personal care options for older people:

Geriatrician: A geriatrician is a doctor who specializes in providing health care for elderly patients. They are experts in issues that affect the elderly like dementia, hearing loss and falls. Geriatricians often work as personal physicians or within a facility that provides senior care.

Nursing Home: A nursing home is a residential facility for people who need care on a daily basis. Nurses are on staff at all times to help residents and monitor their health. Nursing homes care for people with physical and mental disabilities caused by illness, injury and old age on either a short or long-term basis.

Retirement Community: Retirement communities are residential facilities for older people who are still able to care for themselves. These communities offer little to no living assistance, and residents manage their own personal affairs. However, they often have accessibility features, shared dining, and planned social activities.

Assisted Living: Assisted living facilities provide assistance for residents who are mostly able to care for themselves but require help with some activities. The level of assistance varies among facilities but is somewhere between independent living and full nursing care. Residents typically live in private apartments and maintain a level of independence.

Home Care: Home care is a type of elder care provided in a person’s home. Caregivers, nurses, doctors and physical therapists all provide in-home care to the elderly. While long-term care is common, short-term home care is often needed because of an injury, illness or surgery.

Hospice: Hospices are facilities that provide care for the terminally ill to manage their symptoms. A hospice treats physical pain as well as the patient’s emotional and psychological experiences.

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In your search, visit several different types of personal care homes. Meet with professional and nursing staff to learn more about what the assisted living facility offers for your elderly or senior patient. Check out the environment carefully and ask yourself if this is somewhere you yourself would like to live. If not, move on. In your tours of various personal care homes, make a checklist of each facility's good points and bad points, price, healthcare insurance and government-assisted coverage, rentals, eligibility, programs available, features, activities, various applications of personal and medical care, recreation areas, transportation, hospice, nursing care for seniors, respite, daily meals, mental and social therapy, standard of living, physical and occupation therapy, pain management, nurse attention, first aid, and atmosphere. Get a breakdown of costs, making sure the adult home is affordable and low income. Get an agency referral if you can. In your search, take a close look at other residents and couples in the house. Do they appear happy and well cared for? Are the staff members genuinely friendly, caring providers available to assist at any time? Do they have the necessary expertise and qualifications? Does the program seem stimulating and inviting? What are your loved one's long-term goals? Does the home fit into that scenario? Once you answer these questions, you'll be better able to narrow down your choice for a proper personal care home, one your loved one will feel comfortable in. When you visit each personal care home, inspect the living quarters, making sure it's clean and well maintained for you're the primary care patient. If your elderly loved one requires regular nursing care or health medication, speak with nursing staff to set up a schedule.