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Packing & Crating Service

In order for packing and crating companies to give their clients all of the services they need to box their freight and prepare it for shipping, they need to hire competent employees and managers who can work in chaotic environments.

Companies that offer pickup transporting services need delivery drivers who can commute to the client's home, office, or industrial building to box up their belongings and relocate them. This requires fastidious employees who know how to use custom-designed boxes that will protect fragile items. These professionals also need class C driving licenses if they operate large trucks to relocate families into new residential areas and move freight to distribution centers.

Delivery personnel working for companies with on-site drop off locations do not usually need to visit residential areas to pack boxes, but they do need to know how to help individuals prepare their items for shipping.

Packing and crating companies communicate with their clients by hiring professional customer service representatives. These representatives need strong communication skills to gather information from clients and help them solve problems. Depending on the company's shipping options, the packing and crating service representatives could provide information about using sea, ground, and air vehicles to move freight from one place to another. They can also provide information about on-site drop-off locations.

The managers at these companies often need to coordinate a wide variety of transporting options to make it easy for clients to prepare freight for shipping. The managers also oversee the employees and help clients find solutions to problems that might elude the abilities of the customer service representatives.

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Packing and crating companies offer packaging, bagging, corrugated, hand pack, shrink wrap, show crates, fumigation, cargo, truck, house and other services. When choosing a packing and crating service company, research their background thoroughly. Choose a few different options to start with and contact each one. Ask for references, contact information, quotes and an outline of company policy. Ask how long they have been in operation and whether it is a local, national or multinational entity. Make sure the company you choose has proper licenses and certificates. When you talk to the companies' customer service representatives, ask them where their offices are physically located. You might decide that it is best to use a national, or maybe even worldwide, company when you are shipping items over long distances and internationally, but that it is ok to use smaller companies when you are moving items locally. Be sure to ask them all of the questions that you need answered in order to make the best decision. You might need to know if they offer on site pickup, shrink wrap, forwarding services and labeling. You might also need to know what types of packaging and containerization they use. Do they only offer reusable plywood boxes or can you choose heat treated freight boxes as well? Many people want packing and crating services that can do everything for them. You will probably find that some companies are more willing to go that extra mile to give you the services that you want. When you find a company for shipping your military boxes and large or small containers over short or long distances at an affordable rate, then you might have found the company that is right for you whether you need bagging, corrugated or hand pack services.