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Retail Packaging Materials Terminology
The following are some terms related to retail packaging materials:

Anti-slip Paper: Anti-slip paper is most often used between rolls of paper, pallets, and boxes to prevent them from sliding around during shipment. This packaging material is actually non-woven fleece, not paper.

Blister Packs: Blister packs are used for individually sealing a finished product. This packaging material is typically made from plastic and must be specially designed to accommodate a specific product. Some blister packs have a thin metal backing and others have a solid plastic backing. A variety of items can come in blister packs, from cold gel caps to prepaid cellular phones.

Cellophane: Cellophane is a particular packaging material created from wood pulp. This packaging material is often thin and clear, but not all thin, clear packaging material is cellophane.

Corrugated: A corrugated packaging material has a flat board with fluting and a liner attached to it. Many cardboard boxes and cartons are corrugated for increased stability and durability.

Flutes: Flutes are specially designed rolls or arches that are attached to a board and a liner. This finished product is a corrugated packaging material. The flutes are the part of the corrugated packaging material that contributes to the material’s increased stability and durability. Flutes also offer a limited amount of insulation.

PET: PET is a general term referring to any polyester material that has not been specially treated. PET can be coated with PVDC to improve how well it repels moisture and oxygen. Met, or metallized, is PET that has been coated with aluminum. This coating improves the material’s resistance to moisture, oxygen, and ultraviolet light.

Paperboard Packing Council
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There are a number of professionals that work in the retail packaging materials and supplies industry. These plastic moving containers, cardboard boxes, paper padded bags, and shipping labels are needed daily by individuals and businesses worldwide. Needless to say, this is a very busy field to get involved with, and it can be a great deal of fun for the right people. In this line of work, you can expect to handle and assortment of retail envelopes, corrugated or bendable paper products, custom printed labels, gift wrap, and foam peanuts, which are used for padding in boxes.

There is typically some on-the-job training involved with this line of work. This is usually training that does not take long. However, it does better acquaint you with plastic bubble wrap materials, heavy-duty moving boxes, shipping containers of all sizes, shrink wrap, and paper bags that can be sealed and printed on. Some other supplies you will work with are various types of tape for sealing packages, labels with adhesive backing on them, and flexible corrugated paper products, which are used for padding. While one customer may need some retail packaging materials for sending a birthday gift, another consumer may need plastic containers and thick cardboard boxes for moving items from one house to another. Fortunately there are packaging materials and supplies to suit all needs.

In this line of work, you will deal with a large number of consumers on a regular basis. Many of them will have specific questions and requests.