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Metal Roofing Terms
When we think of metal roofs, we often think of the corrugated tin roofs in depressed villages and shanty towns. However, today's metal roof is highly elegant, and can be fashioned to resemble all sorts of building materials from asphalt to cedar shingle. Metal roofs also have the benefit of being environmentally friendly, because they do not contain the harmful petrochemicals of asphalt roofs, which can be picked up by rain water and absorbed into the ground. Metal roofs are also energy efficient, and have solar reflective materials that can prevent excess heat from being absorbed into the home, thereby reducing cooling costs. If you are considering having a metal roof installed either by yourself or a contractor, here are some terms you will likely come across in your research:

Galvanized Steel: Steel that has been chemically married to zinc to prevent corrosion and rust. It is a cheaper alternative to shingling, because large sheets of galvanized steel can be cut to the proper dimensions and bolted to the roof surface, meaning quicker installation than individual shingles.

Ceramic Coating: A heat reflective coating consisting of standard paint with ceramic beads. The most common coating for sheet metal roofs.

Nanotechnology Solar Reflective Coating: Highly heat repellent coatings that are applied to sheet metal roofing materials. Their performance proportionally increases as the surface heat increases. These coatings oftentimes contain titanium dioxide, which has self-cleaning properties.

Cool Roof: A roof able to curb the amount of heat let into a building either by solar reflectance or evapotranspiration. These roofs are typically light in color, coated with a reflective roof product or a vegetative layer, known as a green roof. Green roofs absorb the heat, which is then cooled by a natural greenhouse effect.

Gable Roof: A roof with two sloping sides of equal dimensions, with a sidewall that forms a triangular point at the ridge. These roofs last longer due to their superior drainage capabilities.

Hip Roof: A roof with four sloping sides that come to a triangular point.
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Installing or repairing metal roofing on your residential home or commercial and industrial building requires a skill possessed by qualified contractors. These contractors have the insight necessary to determine the best type of materials to use on particular roofing systems, whether asphalt shingles, tile, or stainless steel. But roofing isn’t all they do. These construction professionals also provide repair, replacement, and maintenance for siding on new and old buildings. You’ll find them on construction sites for new office buildings or working on a single home as part of a repair job. Whether you need a flat roof, slate roof, or stainless steel roof, consult with reputable metal roofing contractors to get an idea of price, availability, and project timelines. Here are some insightful questions you can ask when calling around.

  • What is the best type of roofing material for my home or office?
    This will vary by customer, of course, but contractors can visit the site to determine what’s best in your situation. For example, they may tell you that asphalt shingles are best for their low maintenance and affordability. They may even offer free estimates and quotes on anything from flat to sloping roofs.

  • When you begin the project, who will be on site?
    Oftentimes in larger projects, construction sites will contain not only the roofing contractors but also architects, engineers, and designers who all work together to envision and carry out the idea.

  • What are the benefits of metal roofing over other types of roofing materials?
    A metal roofing contractor can outline the benefits of this type of roof when you call. Benefits include being weather resistant, durability, low weight, and easy installation.