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Tips for Selecting a Wholesale Clothing Distributor
Wholesale clothing distributors are essential for retailers. If you are in the market for a wholesale clothing distributor, the following are some tips on selecting one.

Tip #1: Decide What Type of Clothing You Want to Sell
Some manufacturers produce only women’s or men’s clothing. Your first step in selecting a distributor is to determine what kind of apparel you want to sell. This decision may depend on your personal preference or purely on the current market. You will also need to think about whether you will be offering strictly formal apparel, casual clothing, or a mixture. Find a manufacturer whose styles and quality of work fit your desires.

Tip #2: Research Available Distribution Options
Start by contacting the manufacturer to see if you can obtain your wholesale clothing directly from the source. If this is not an option, you will need to find an official distributor. Checking reviews on this site is a good place to start – you can find out a lot about businesses’ history by seeing what previous customers have to say about them. If the reviews are good, contact a representative.

Tip #3: Negotiate With the Distributor You will want to have a contract with a distributor that outlines the clothing being provided and its cost and delivery. Remember that the fashion world is constantly changing, so quick delivery is a must. Also, you may have leftover older designs – be sure you will not be losing money if you are forced to sell something at a discount. Be sure to check on the distributor’s return policy, too, in case you receive an incorrect or damaged shipment.

Tip #4: Review Their Performance
The contracted agreement between you and your distributor should have a set limit on it so that you can change providers if you are unsatisfied. The company should be willing to stand behind its products and performance. If you are unhappy with your wholesale clothing distributor, take it up with a representative to have the issue resolved, or just find someone else. You cannot – and shouldn’t have to – settle for less than the best.

May Queen Fashion
Our wholesale clothing in the Kunia area offers dresses which are elegant, yet affordable. Our goal is simple, to provide high quality wholesale clothing that is on trend for an affordable price.
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Miller International Inc.
Offering all of the brands and styles you're looking for at our local Kunia area wholesale clothing supplier. Making sure you get the best wholesale deals on bulk apparel at our company.
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The business plan is set in stone and you’ve got a pen in your hand ready to write that check for your boutique’s first wholesale shipment. Be sure your seller is a legitimate distributor. Ask them the following questions early, as good business never goes out of style.

  • What is the minimum purchase order requirement?
    Wholesale distributors will have a minimum amount you have to buy from them in order to sell you goods. Many will also ask for a copy of your business license that states you are a clothing business and not an individual trying to buy discounted fashions.

  • What services do you offer?
    Some fashion distributors will sell clothes only while others can offer to print designs and logos on the clothing for you. Ask ahead of time if they offer screen-printing or other alterations with orders.

  • Where is your clothing manufactured?
    These days, the origin of products is a big deal to many consumers who are concerned that child laborers may have made their clothes. Ask what country the clothing was made in for humane purposes as well as quality—cheap Asian sweatshop fare is often the first to tear apart. Even the thriftiest men and women won’t want to buy that.

  • Are there any discounts available?
    While your order has to be of a certain amount, wholesalers may offer further discounts for specific items or amounts. If you’re a consistent buyer of casual clothing, you may qualify for a loyalty discount. If you purchase more of one apparel or size than other buyers, you might achieve a little price break. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

  • Do you have any reputable references?
    There are many scam operations out there that appear as distributors only to steal from you. Check to see if the distributor is qualified with the Better Business Bureau and then check the BBB’s site to clarify it.

  • Why is an item being liquidated?
    During liquidation sales, specific men’s and women’s apparel may sell for well under their usual prices. Before buying, ask the reason for the price drop. It may be simply because there was an overabundance of a certain size, or an undesirable reason, like poor material.