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Commonly Used Plastic Bag Terms
While it is common nowadays to carry reusable bags when shopping for groceries or other sundries, retailers of small items are nonetheless obliged to provide shopping bags for customers' easy transport of purchased goods. Retailers have a number of options with regard to the shopping bags they distribute; plain plastic bags, also known as t-shirt bags, tote style, tri-fold shopping bags with handles, grip hole bags, drawstring plastic bags, or recycled bags. Here is a list of commonly used materials for shopping bags:

Biodegradable: Any material that will naturally degrade when exposed to the earth's elements or microbes in the soil. Biodegradable shopping bags are commonly made of corn, with soy based inks.

Bioplastics: A type of plastic made from renewable materials such as corn starch, pea starch or vegetable oils. Bioplastics are often made from materials that can be composted along with food and plant waste.

Reusable Shopping Bags: A thick shopping bag made from canvas, hemp or polypropylene. Many state governments encourage the use of reusable bags by taxing plastic shopping bags.

Cellophane: A transparent food packaging material made from cellulose.

Polyethylene: A thermoplastic polymer derived from natural gas and petroleum. Polyethylene is commonly used in shopping bags.

Blown Film Extrusion: The manufacturing process for shopping bags. Melted raw plastic is pulled through a cylinder, and then compressed air is forced through the plastic, creating a bubble. The bubble is then flattened, dyed, and then cut.

PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride. A widely produced, durable and inexpensive plastic used for piping, clothing, siding, tiles and bags.

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Retailers are starting to play a bigger part in the plastic bag recycling movement. At shopping centers, grocers are putting out plastic bag recycling bins or posting signs about how consumers can dispose of their plastic packaging. If you plan to recycle your transparent bag, make sure that it is cleaned out and dry.

Many environmental activists are making it a point to recycle biodegradable plastic bags, because they believe that these carriers are better for the world than paper bags. Nonetheless, paper bags are still popularly used in grocery stores, and are sometimes used in conjunction with plastic bags to hold heavier items.

Plastic makes everyday life easier. PVC, cellophane and polythene, all various types of plastic, help to make packaging that you use everyday. Most everyday products can be found sealed by these plastics. Plastic is clear and can help consumers see products, helping many sectors of the shopping industry with their packaging needs.

Gift wrapping is made easier by plastic. Many custom fruit baskets and fine chocolates are wrapped in plastic. Promotional bags are used by business representatives to hand out gifts which are also made of plastic, and sometimes with the company logo printed across the front.

Tiny, transparent, resealable bags are perfect to pack your food for a picnic or car ride. These little bags keep food fresh and prevent leaking. These bags can also be recyclable and reusable if you are only placing dry snacks inside.

No matter if you are very concerned about the environment or don't spend much time thinking about what kind of bags you should be using, it is hard to deny the impact plastic makes on the world.