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Terms for Marine Equipment and Supplies
The following terms are often used when purchasing marine supplies and equipment:

Navigation System: Early nautical adventurers found their way across the ocean and seas using the stars. Today, boat owners use highly advanced electronic global positioning systems, commonly referred to as GPS, to find their way. They use satellites to mark your position anywhere in the world, from just outside your marina to the center of the Pacific Ocean.

Depth Finder: Sometimes also called depth sounders, since they use sonar technology, this is an essential piece of equipment for owners of large boats with deep hulls. Using sonar to send a signal that bounces off the sea floor, the depth finder can accurately track the amount of time it takes for the signal to return. This tells the depth finder how deep the water is at any location.

Bilge Pump: The bilge is the area underneath the boat deck. Over time, water will slowly collect here, either because of leaks or rain. A bilge pump works to remove the water from the bilge. The size of bilge pump you need depends on the size of your boat, with large boats demanding big bilge pumps.

Dinghy: A smaller boat that is attached to your larger one. The dinghy serves two purposes. It allows you to come ashore in shallow areas, which is great for sailboat and yacht owners. Perhaps it's most important function, however, is that the dinghy acts as a lifeboat in an emergency. A quality dinghy is extremely buoyant and very difficult to sink.

Tackle: Most people think tackle refers to fishing equipment, but for nautical purposes tackle refers to the rigging on your boat. This includes all the ropes and clips that are used to keep the sails in place. Always have extra tackle on hand in case of an emergency.

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Some professionals work in the marine equipment and supplies business. This is a major industry these days, since so many people enjoy nautical activities like sailing, fishing, and casual boating. If you enjoy being in or by the water and have an interest in marine equipment and accessories, then you may like working in this field. Often you will have to deal with supplies like boat engine parts, paint for watercraft vehicles, used diesel motors, yacht electronic hardware, and even boat covers. Since there are dealers and distributors of marine supplies all over the United States, there is plenty of opportunity in this business to advance and move up.

It is important to understand marine equipment, general boat maintenance, fishing accessories, and engine repair parts for watercraft vehicles, if you choose to work in this industry. You will usually have to assist customers with finding the right nautical cleaning supplies, safety gear, sport boat covers, yacht seats and paint care products for their watercraft. While one customer may need assistance with tackle supplies for fishing, another might need help with anchors for pontoon yachts. It is important that you have a broad knowledge of the marine equipment, nautical supplies, and boating accessories that are available for all makes and models of boats. It is up to you to make suggestions pertaining to anchor sizes, seat options, sail repairs, and engine parts. Consumers will rely on you to know what will work the best for their boat or watercraft.

You will work with many different customers in this business. You may also have to deal with wholesale marine equipment and supplies dealers at times.