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Tips for Selecting and Visiting a Public Swimming Pool
The following are some things to consider when selecting and visiting a public swimming pool.

Tip #1: Consider cost
Travel expense and admission are obvious costs for visiting a public swimming pool. Large water parks and even local public pools often offer season passes. Before you purchase a season pass, think about how often you will be visiting the pool to ensure it is a wise investment. If you will be spending most or all of the day at a pool or water park, you will need money for snacks and drinks. You can save money on these items if the water park or pool allows you to bring in your own food and beverages.

Tip #2: Proper sanitation is important
Never swim in a pool that is obviously dirty. The pool water should be clear and there should not be any debris floating in the pool. The area around the pool should be free of trash, too. Your own hygiene and health should be included with this tip, too. Never visit a public pool when you have a contagious disease or open wounds or sores because you will be putting everyone around you at risk.

Tip #3: Examine the extras
Your reason for visiting a public pool will dictate what extra features are desired. Families out for a day of fun will usually want water slides, diving boards, and other exciting features. A couple out for a day of relaxation would enjoy a public pool that offers a private pool or hot tub for adults. Some locations have lap pools so you can exercise. Swimming lessons or water sports teams can be great features, though these things may cost extra.

Tip #4: Stay safe
Safety is very important in public places, especially when deep water is involved. All visitors to public pools should know how to swim. Bathing suits should not impair this ability. Horseplay increases chances of injury. Finally, keep your possessions safe, too. Most public swimming pools will provide lockers – sometimes at an additional fee – to store your personal items in. If no lockers are available, leave valuables at home or in your car.

National Spa & Pool Institute
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Public swimming pools offer the community a location to take their kids for swim lessons, exercise during the summer, and even gather for local parties. But before visiting, you may have a few questions concerning safety, hygiene, and about the facility itself. Here are questions to ask when you are speaking with the facility. Remember, if you do not like the answers, move on in search of other local facilities.

  • Do you have certified lifeguards watching the pool at all times?
    Not all establishments have lifeguards on duty at all times. For instance, many indoor lap pools do not guard their patrons while they are exercising. However, if you are bringing your children, you may want to go to a facility that has guards monitoring lap swim, the kids playing at the day camp, and the swim lessons.

  • What temperature do you normally keep your pool at? Is it indoor or outdoor?
    Find out if the pool you want to visit is heated or not! The last thing you want to do is to jump into icy water by accident! Also, you may prefer swimming in a certain type of facility. If you hate outdoor pools, then you certainly do not want to go visit one. There may be private facilities around you where you can buy a day pass!

  • What chemicals do you use to clean your pool?
    Swimming pools have to use several chemicals to balance them and keep them clean, especially public ones. However, the chlorine or acid that is added can be hard on the skin and on the eyes. Some private or public pools have converted to saltwater filters if you choose to avoid the chemicals.