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Businesses that Sell Snack Products

The location of your vending machine will also determine the type of products you sell. If your machines are in schools, you might want to tempt the kids with healthy fare and drinks that taste good without losing their nutritious value. A few selections of chocolate candy, pretzels, cereal and crackers will usually sell well. Fruit, vegetable packs and nuts might also become somewhat popular, for the kids in training for sports. Get drinks from your supplier like bottled water, juices and sports beverages.

If you will be placing your vending machine in an office building, you may have more customers looking for low-calorie snacks like fruit, veggies and nuts, as well as diet beverages. Low carb, protein-packed alternatives and fat-free products may also be popular with the office crowd looking for a quick and healthy food fix. You might even want to add a few organic recipes to the mix, since some individuals are trying to get away from bulk preservatives and chemical additives in their chips and party food.

If your snack product vending machines are going into community centers where there is a gym, make sure your drinks include bottled water and sports beverages as well as soda. Protein snacks will also be popular in these locations, since weight training requires plenty of protein before and after workouts to encourage muscle growth. A few gourmet or healthy food items will also give these fitness gurus a quick boost of energy that will get them through their workouts. Choosing your supplier and your snack products based on the location of your vending machines will help you prepare for a successful business in the snack product industry.

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Frito Lay Inc Sales Write review for this local business
4325 Industrial Dr, Jackson, MS 39209
(601) 961-2940  
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75 Centrex Dr, Vicksburg, MS 39180
(601) 661-9676  
Frito Lay Inc Write review for this local business
218 Hospital Rd W, Philadelphia, MS 39350
(601) 656-0824  
Frito-Lay Write review for this local business
3021 Magee Rd, Summit, MS 39666
(601) 249-1937  
Frito Lay Inc Write review for this local business
206 Eastman St, Greenwood, MS 38930
(662) 453-2734  
Frito Lay Write review for this local business
344 Westside Dr, Vidalia, LA 71373
(318) 427-9243  
Vending machine companies usually buy their bulk orders from wholesale suppliers that give them discounts. You can find many wholesale suppliers that sell snack products like healthy organic fruits and nuts as well as candy, drinks, party pretzels, crackers, packs of chips, and gourmet chocolate listed in your online directory, which makes it difficult for some people to choose a company that is right for them. We provide a few questions that you can use to help you determine which suppliers have the right snack foods at the right price. First, ask the companies how long they have been in business. Those with several years of experience should have access to a wide range of snack foods for your vending machines. Ask them if they have candy that kids like, but you should also ask if they have healthy alternatives like organic veggies, fruit, nuts, nutritious low fat and low carb protein bars, and diet candy with reduced calories. Find out if the company has information about the recipes that their manufacturers use for quick snacks so that you can decide if they are healthy and nutritious or not. While it is important for you to find a supplier that has all of the products that you want, you should also consider the prices that they charge. Ask the companies if they can give you discounted prices for bulk orders. Get written price quotes from them that include fees for shipping and handling so that you can compare them easily.