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Tips for Selecting Oriental Goods for Your Home
The following are some tips for selecting oriental goods to decorate your home with:

Tip #1: Check quality and authenticity
You don’t have to fill your house with imported antiques to add some an Asian flare to your decor. Instead of focusing on the price tag, focus on the item’s quality. An inferior rug or tapestry will deteriorate faster, leaving your floor or wall looking disheveled. If you insist on goods straight from Chinese or Japanese history, ensure you are getting what you are paying for. In this case, a certificate of authenticity and even an appraisal is recommended.

Tip #2: Choose a color and theme
Generally speaking, oriental goods are traditionally available in natural, earthy colors. To stay true to this tradition, avoid purple, pink, and other flashy colors. The dominating color in your home will be a neutral color, such as cream or gray. Furniture should be kept a natural brown. It is in the decor that small pops of brighter colors occur. For example, a white room with tan mats and brown furniture may initially seem boring. These subdued colors make the bolder additions – such as an elaborate shoji, or room divider – really stand out. Popular themes in oriental decorating do, as with the color scheme, lean toward natural objects of beauty. Flowers and bamboo are popular in Asian styles.

Tip #3: Simplicity is important
Basic shapes and colors are essential when outfitting your home with oriental goods. You started out with natural colors, and this idea extends to your furniture and art, too. Chinese and Japanese furniture has straight lines. Some items, like futons, have multiple purposes. Most importantly, don’t clutter your living area. Placing just a few items on a shelf rather than a dozen will draw more attention to each individual piece. You can always rotate these items periodically.

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The Oriental goods business is one that is very specialized. As such, their target audience is narrow due to the nature of their products, which can range from Shoji screens and carved statues to silk dresses and art work. Some further specialize in various areas, such as antiques, fashion, furniture, jewelry, and food items like tea. Others offer a broad spectrum of products that appeal to a wider audience, including items like movies, accessories, bamboo doors and shelves, and paper products.

Customers can choose to either shop in a store setting or hop online and order from the company's website. Many services are virtual these days, with companies offering coupons to download, specials and discounts, order tracking, and online account management. Many offer warranties and guarantees on the quality of the goods they sell. They may also offer reasonable return policies, along with careful shipment and delivery of delicate items. Customers can shop by Asian region, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, or shop by price or popular categories.

Japanese and Chinese markets, usually located within large cities, often sell Oriental goods such as decor at bargain prices. They may sell anything from rugs and Tansu to other furniture items like screens and room dividers. Customers are usually encouraged to call the customer service line to get assistance from sales associates. Or, they can enlist the help of online virtual assistants in chat rooms to get the help they need on their purchases, whether that entails Asian antiques, home decor, jade jewelry, clothing, or household items.

Customer service associates should be knowledgeable about the Oriental goods, along with the store's policies and current sales.