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Important Terms to Know About Lawn Mowers Parts and Supplies
Choose from a variety of lawn mowers, parts and supplies when looking for devices to help you in cutting your lawn. Whether you’re a landscaper looking for high-tech equipment or a residential homeowner with an acre of grass to cut, you’ll need to get the right supplies and equipment, as well as gas, to get your lawn mower going in the spring. Learn these important terms about lawn mowers, parts and supplies:

Cylinder Mower: Also called a reel mower, this type of mower uses a fixed, horizontal cutting blade set to the cut level you want. A fast-spinning reel of blades is located over this, forcing the grass beyond the cutting bar. Each blade makes a helix around the reel axis, with the spinning blades forming a cylinder.

Rotary Mower: Also known as drum mowers, these mowers have a fast-moving rotating bar featuring sharp edges that cut the grass. They can cut at a speed of up to 20 miles per hour in ideal conditions.

Zero-Turn Mower: A type of riding lawn mower featuring a turning radius of zero inches, with swiveling front tires and two large drive tires in back. The drive tires turn independently of each other, sometimes rotating in opposite directions to achieve smooth motions.

Mulching Blade: This type of lawn mower blades cuts the grass several times, as it falls into the blade over and over. This results in finely chopped blades of grass.

Hover Mowers: Rotary push mowers that feature an impeller over the spinning blades to push air in a downward motion, creating a cushion of air that lifts the mower above the ground, making it hover. This makes it very easy for the operator to smoothly cut the grass.

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Whether you are a homeowner or landscaper, you can find lawn mowers, parts, and supplies through the members of our association. Dedicated to providing the highest quality services.
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Homeowners are responsible for keeping their yard neatly trimmed. Before the grass gets too high, you should check your lawnmower for any mechanical issues. Common parts like belts can be found for cheap at your local home improvement store. Is your mower not turning on or cutting out on you? If you aren’t sure what the cause is, the following questions may help you narrow down the possibilities.

  • Is the choke working?
    This is a device that pulls the gasoline into the center jet. If this is not closing properly, the engine will not start because it lacks necessary fuel. After checking this, also clear the belt drive of grass cuttings.

  • Is the air filter in good condition?
    If you ride the machine without an air filter, you will kill the engine. There are two types for lawnmowers: paper and foam. If you have a paper one, you can try compressed air to clear the dirt or buy a new one. For foam filters, clean with dish detergent and dry thoroughly. Before replacing it, soak in oil and squeeze out the excess.

  • Is the gas cap clogged?
    Many people do not realize the top to the fuel tank allows ventilation. When it is blocked, the air will stop and the engine will not get any gas. To check this piece, loosen it slightly and try to crank the mower. If it turns on, you will need to replace the cap.

  • Have you changed the oil recently?
    You should replace the oil every 25 hours you ride it. The high heat that is produced by the mower quickly lessens the oil’s viscosity. Always change liquids when the engine is warm. If you have already changed the oil, check the level. Some mowers feature a sensor that keeps the engine from starting unless a certain amount of oil is added.