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Cotton gins

When the cotton gin was first invented, the patent on it was challenged. Rapidly, the invention spread, but Eli Whitney, the inventor, actually made more money from firearms.

Modern cotton gins are large agricultural machinery. They are permanently installed in buildings. The cotton is harvested, also by machine and formed into modules that are then delivered to the gin. The modules are then broken into loose cotton.

Gins are complicated machinery involving wire screens and spiked cylinders. Both these, as well as the hooks and the brushes used to draw cotton through the device, need regular repair and maintenance. A gin also needs to be kept scrupulously clean. Large farms may have their own gin, smaller ones may simply rent time or sell the raw cotton. The processed cotton is then pressed into bales. Delivery drivers are required to take the seed cotton to the gin and then remove the processed bales.

The entire operation is automated and computer controlled. A modern cotton gin is overseen by a technician. As with so much of the textile industry, few humans are involved in the process. The separated seeds are used in animal feed and as fertilizer. It is also used to produce cottonseed oil and is used in lotions and soaps. There is a growing movement to use gin waste, which consists of stems and husks, as a potential source of biofuel. The bales of separated fiber are then shipped to fabric factories.

Cotton fibers are used to make various fabrics. Maintaining the gins is an important task due to the value of cotton and cotton products. Independently owned gins may also hire administrative staff and salesmen to sell their product to farmers.

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Cotton gin companies offer machine, fibers, seedpods, sticky, textile, remove, machinery, seeds, damaged, wire, screen, hooks, prevents, engine, device, raw, ginning, separation and separating process, module, dryer, control, press, water, wheels and other cotton gin products, services and techniques. There are several questions that you might need to ask in order to determine which company can give you the cotton gin supplies and services that you need. When you contact the cotton gin companies, ask them where they are located. You might find that some of them are national companies while others are statewide or local. You might also find that some of the national companies have locations in your area. If you find the company on the Internet, then you should ask them if they are strictly an online entity or if they have a physical location as well. Ask them if they provide delivery services and if you will have to pay for them or if the costs are covered by the company. You should ask the companies if they have the types of cotton gins that are right for you. If you run a small farm or textile factory, then you might need a basic cotton gin that performs the separation and machine remove of sticky seedpods from the cotton fibers. If you have a larger operation, though, you might want a cotton gin with moisture sensors that can help make your large scale harvest cleaner and can even bale it for you. When the companies' reps are answering your questions, pay attention to the level of courtesy that they use. This can often indicate how you will be treated in the future. By knowing what questions to ask, you should be able to find the cotton gin company that is best for you.