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Blood Banks and Centers

Blood banks are obviously not a place to work if you are squeamish.

Blood banks collect blood and plasma. A full physical is often required before donation is authorized, including tests for infectious diseases. Obviously, all donors have their blood type tested. Nurses and technicians have to be willing to inform a donor that they are not eligible temporarily or even permanently. Donations often have to be rescheduled, as it is not recommended to give blood unless you are feeling completely well on the scheduled day. Blood may be taken on site at a health care center or by a mobile unit.

The collected blood has to be typed and stored. Men's and women's plasma is commonly stored separately and used differently. Plasma is commonly frozen for storage. Whole blood, red cells and platelets are refrigerated for preservation. There are limits on how long blood products can be stored. This is one of the reasons why the supply is limited and research into alternatives, like drugs and stem cells, is important. Blood banks may exist as part of hospitals or as independent centers. These centers often supply blood for patients over considerable distances.

Finally, the actual transfusion is generally performed in a doctor's office or hospital. Rarely, patients who require regular transfusions, for example hemophilia, anemia or heart disease, may receive blood from a transfusion at home. Emergency rooms may perform a transfusion to save a patient's life. A facility that treats blood diseases may perform a lot of transfusions.

Transfusions are overseen by nurses and medical professionals. Reactions ranging from a mild allergic reaction to the same rejection issues as occuring with organ and tissue transplants are observed, some occurring days or even weeks after the transfusion. Blood has to be cross matched not just for type but for other factors.

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BioLife Plasma Services Write review for this local business
3505 Terry Rd Ste 205, Jackson, MS 39212
(601) 346-0020  
Mississippi Blood Write review for this local business
115 Tree St, Flowood, MS 39232
(601) 981-3232  
United Blood Services of Miss Write review for this local business
805 S 28th Ave, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
(601) 264-0743  
BioLife Plasma Services Write review for this local business
1000 Broadway Dr, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
(601) 582-7600  
Mississippi Blood Services Write review for this local business
1044 Margaret Blvd, Greenville, MS 38703
(662) 334-4400  
If you would like to donate blood and are unsure of where to go, ask your doctor for advice. You may be able to give blood in the office's lab, or he or she can refer you to an outside blood bank, center, clinic, hospital or other program. If you want more information on transplant and treatment options, talk to you doctor as well, or browse research online regarding the latest technology for blood product storage, such as frozen plasma, whole blood, and cord blood, available for transplant or emergency treatment. Keep in mind that blood banks and centers, places that store blood for people and hospitals, collect and deliver blood. They may also provide transfusion services and take blood from volunteers for use in future emergency situations to save a life, so inquire about specific services for your blood type and match, If you choose to give and store your own blood for your own personal future use, inquire about the monthly or yearly fee. It's a good idea to donate and store blood, as it provides peace of mind for chances of a cure, such as in regards to stem cell research, cord blood research, general medical health research, and disease research. Contact a few different information centers and check each one out. Make sure the clinic is clean, with courteous, respectful staff members. Inquire about any affiliations the center may have. You want to find a safe, qualified blood bank or center that will collect and deliver blood while treating you with respect and privacy. Once you've narrowed down your search for a community blood bank to donate blood at, make sure you go over safety guidelines before hand. Giving blood now will help ensure someone can have a successful blood transfusion or transplant in the future.