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Terms Related to Agricultural Production
The following are some terms that are related to agricultural production.

Acid Rinse: Acid rinse is part cleaning agricultural equipment. This part of the process is especially effective when clearing minerals, protein, and fat from equipment. It also helps eliminate bacteria.

Bt Corn: Bt corn is corn that has been modified with a special soil bacterium that helps repel certain boring insects.

Drawbar: A drawbar is part of a tractor. Farmers can hook additional equipment onto the drawbar, like harvesting equipment.

Fallow: In agricultural production, fallow refers to a field that has been plowed but has not had crop seeds planted.

IPM: IPM is a method for keeping weeds and pests under control. Spraying pesticides, rotating crops, and using natural predators are all IPM approaches to crop protection.

Parlor: A parlor is where cows on a dairy farm are milked. There are many different kinds of parlors, from hand milking parlors to fully automated parlors.

Primary Tillage: Primary tillage is shifting and breaking up the soil in a field to help prepare it for planting. Secondary tillage will be needed to smooth the surface of the land.

Row Crop: Row crop refers to any fruit, vegetable, or other produce that is planted in evenly spaced rows. These widely spaced rows allow for the passage of agricultural equipment during the early stages of crop growth.

Scrape-and-Haul: Scrape-and-haul is used to fertilize produce. Manure from livestock areas is taken to nearby land for distribution.

Secondary Tillage: Secondary tillage comes after primary tillage. Secondary tillage does not reach as deep into the soil as primary tillage. The purpose of this preparation method is to further break up the soil. Chemicals – including certain pesticides – may be added to the land at this point.

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425 Highway 49 S, Richland, MS 39218
(601) 936-9606  
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381 Commerce Park Dr, Jackson, MS 39213
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1401 County Road 39, Vaiden, MS 39176
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7572 U S Highway 49, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
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3705 7th St, Meridian, MS 39307
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201 Wink Rd, Oak Grove, LA 71263
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1337 9th St, Kentwood, LA 70444
(985) 229-6277  
If you are a grocer or restaurant looking for quality produce, spices, herbs and meat at low costs, consider contacting those in the farming and cultivation industry. Take into consideration what area of agriculture they specialize in; whether it is growing, farming, cultivation or livestock. Some farms specialize in only fruit and vegetable produce, while others carry out many areas of production. Agricultural consultants can often assist these farmers and growers with their marketing and distribution processes. These consultants can help you find farming products at organic food markets, farmer's markets, festivals and events, and even restaurants. You can also do some research online to find when agricultural events in your area are coming up, so you can find new vendors for your favorite foods. Conduct further research online if you are considering visiting a farm to find out how long they've been in the agriculture industry, what they are typically growing, when they harvest certain crops and what their reputation in the industry is like. Inquire if the farm's serve locally, state or nationwide and if they have any affiliation, this will give you further insight into their level of production and reputation. When considering which farms to visit and give your business to, take into account their location, reputation, products, history and prices. Certain farms will have different lower costs to compete with large farms and grocery chains. Taking advantage of agricultural production, local farms, & growing your own produce can save a lot of time and money.