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Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption Services
If you and your partner are looking to adopt a child, you may find yourself seeking out the help of one or more adoption agencies. Such agencies can help connect people who can’t have children of their own with babies and older kids who have no home. Whether internationally or overseas, these contracts usually involve the services of a lawyer to help negotiate and settle all matters pertaining to adoption law. Talking with an adoption agency specialist can help you decide on adoption or other options you may want to consider, such as surrogacy. Here are some frequently asked questions you may want to refer to when dealing with adoption services.

What is the Difference Between Open Adoption and Closed Adoption?
Open adoption occurs when both parties exchange identifying information, including names and addresses. Including contact information allows both sets of parents to get in touch with each other whenever they want. Children can more easily find their biological parents later in life when this method is employed. It also frees up the lines of communication for a truly open adoption. With closed adoption, however, no personal information is exchanged. All communications are performed through the adoption agency. Records may be sealed, making it very difficult for a child to find his biological parents later in life. Different adoption agencies have different policies regarding which type they specialize in.

Do You Handle Gay Couple Adoptions?
Many agencies do handle gay adoption provided there is a stable, loving household involved, same as in the case of same-sex couples. Some agencies specialize in gay adoption only, allowing couples to feel more comfortable going about the process, bringing a higher level of specialty to the table.

What Could Prevent Someone From Being Able to Adopt?
The only thing that could prevent anyone, regardless of sexual preference, from adopting would be a criminal record, or if the person in question has been accused of child abuse or neglect.

The National Adoption Center
If you're having trouble conceiving and are thinking about adoption to start your family, consider our local Jackson area adoption services. Committed to matching needy children with happy homes.
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Adopting an orphan or foster child is commendable but can also be complicated. Even if you are very excited the questions you ask should be practical and informed. The following are a few questions to ask when looking to add an orphan or foster child to your family.

  • Where will my new child be coming from?
    A kid can be adopted through a United States agency, directly from the mother and father, or even from overseas. Knowing the child’s background is important since personal and family history can impact the behavior and health of the child. Be sure to find out about any allergies, especially if you have a dog or cat.

  • How old will the child be?
    Ultimately this decision is yours. Your agency will be able to inform you what children they have available. They will also have information on any medical or emotional issues the child may have or be likely to develop. Infants can take longer to adopt because there are often families waiting for a baby.

  • What fees will I responsible for?
    There are fees involved in the adoption process that you may be responsible for. These fees will differ. For an adoption through the Department of Social Services, fees are only for basic things like background checks and fingerprinting. Private agency, independent and international adoption costs will fluctuate, and hiring legal counsel is often recommended. It is important to communicate with your adoption service so you can anticipate the costs.

  • What steps are involved in the adoption process?
    All adoptions legally require an assessment of you and your family. Be expected to reveal personal information about yourself and other members of your family. The future environment of the child will also be examined for everything from cleanliness to the presence of a dog or cat.