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If you are considering a career as an attorney, consider becoming an intellectual property attorney. In this role, you will help businesses protect their brand name rights by helping them apply for patents and trademarks.

A patent is a way to copyright, or legally prevent the copying or reproduction, of any products your client’s company designs. A trademark is a copyright for images or logos associated with your brands. Trademarked property is usually marked with a TM symbol that protects the image from reproduction.

As an intellectual property lawyer, you will work with a law firm to protect your clients and their brands by helping them register their trademarks and patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a federal organization that specializes in working with trademarks and patents. Once the patent office searches their database and confirms that your client is authorized to register their materials and information, the office will authorize that your client has legal rights over - and is the sole owner of - their property.

If your client finds that another entity is reproducing their trademark or products in person or online, it will be your responsible to start litigation, or legal proceedings, to stop the actions and protect your client from this kind of theft.

To become a lawyer, you will need to obtain a law degree from an accredited university, and most firms also require internship experience. You may start as a legal secretary or assistant, and throughout your career may work your way up to becoming a partner or owning your own firm.

Being an attorney may mean working hard on a wide variety of issues, but you will be dedicating your life to protecting the rights of others.

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If your company is going to go through a merger, you will definitely want to call our Trademark Attorneys. Our expert, professional and trained Trademark Lawyers will walk you through every step of the process. If you are in or near the Irvine area give us a call.
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In your search, you should look for trademark law attorneys and trademark law firms in your community. You should first consult family and friends for recommendations as to whom they trust. When finding a trademark attorney at law for your needs, consider the firm's schedule. Look for an attorney that offers reasonable rates within your budget, but that also provides quality, reputable service. Research each firm's background thoroughly, then contact each one. Ask for references, contact information, quotes, and an outline of the attorney-client privilege. Ask how long the law firm has been in practice and whether it is a local, national, or multinational entity. Make sure the trademark attorney you choose is properly licensed in your state. Some law firms will perform pro bono work for their clients, but most charge fees, billable by the hour. If your case is very involved, with a possibility of litigation, be prepared to spend more. To make sure you find the best trademark law attorney, visit with staff to see if they are courteous. Keep in mind the firm's availability, hours, and litigation services. You need an attorney that can accommodate your schedule and give the necessary attention to your legal case. Remember to choose an attorney that meets your specific needs. You want a trademark law firm that has lots of experience in your particular case, whether it involves trademarks (TM), patents, intellectual property, trades, or copyright law. As owner, be sure to properly protect your design, brand, logo, or product on the Internet, providing your name, brand, and other information. Do a search for the right register or office for you, whether you're a private business or federal agency looking to protect and authorize intellectual property, trade marks, patents, or copyrights.