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Some Ribbon Terminology
The following are some terms relating to ribbon:

Acetate Ribbon: Acetate ribbon is made from a stiffer variety of satin cloth. Because this ribbon holds shapes better, acetate ribbon is often used for wedding decor and for larger, decorative bows.

Brocade Ribbon: Brocade ribbon is cut from preexisting cloth. It is usually taken from a fabric with an intricate design, typically a flower pattern with metallic threads or other embellishments.

Colorfastness: The colorfastness of a ribbon or other fabric is how well the color resists fading. Fading can occur from extended contact with light or moisture.

Florist Ribbon: Florist ribbon is a custom ribbon of the floral industry. This ribbon is firmer and retains shapes well because it usually has wire or another stiff material along its edges.

Greige Goods: Greige, or gray, goods are textiles that have been woven but have not been colored. This ribbon looks just like it did after coming off of a ribbon loom. Because of its more ordinary appearance, greige textiles are recommended for practical uses rather than ornamental ones.

Grosgrain Ribbon: Grosgrain ribbon is a more durable ribbon. It is heavier and has tighter, crosswise weaving.

Organza Ribbon: Organza ribbon is a lighter ribbon. It is often made of nylon, and it is typically semi-transparent.

Put-up: The put-up of a ribbon spool is how many yards of ribbon are wrapped around the spool.

Warp: In regards to ribbons, the warp is the lengthwise weave of a ribbon.

Weft: In regards to ribbons, the weft is the weaving of a ribbon that runs crosswise or horizontal, as compared to the warp.

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Ribbon stores and websites sell a plethora of ribbons for cheap. Such stores will have multiple types of ribbon on hand, from grosgrain and organza to satin and velvet. These stores often sell ribbons in bulk to ensure craft lovers always have a good supply of ribbons. Such stores make it simple for you to choose the perfect ribbon at a discount. Search the holiday section of the store, for instance, for an elegant satin ribbon you can tie into beautiful bow for a Christmas gift. Opt for the wedding section to find lace-trimmed ribbon ideal for a centerpiece. Or, if you’re simply looking for the ribbon that will allow you to tie the perfect bow, search the wired ribbon section. Not only do ribbon stores distribute ribbons with multiple prints, patterns, fabrics and textures, they can also offer customer service to help shoppers pick out the perfect product. For instance, customer service representatives can help you create personalized ribbons. These custom ribbons can have the gift or award recipient’s name on them. Customer service representatives must also be well-versed in ribbons and crafts, so you can ask them advice on anything from the perfect grosgrain ribbon to tie in your child’s hair, the best ribbon to use for embroidery and how to embroider designs. Many ribbon stores also sell fabrics, sewing and quilting supplies and gift-wrapping supplies. They may also offer pre-made pieces, such as pre-made hair ties or pre-made baby shower centerpieces. Ribbons can be a fun accessory to add to a gift or an integral part of home décor. With the help of a ribbon store, you can take advantage of the benefits ribbons have to offer.