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Questions to Ask About Lockers

Lockers provide the perfect place for people to store their valuables in a safe and secure cabinet or storage. Lockers are available with digital, key and combination locking mechanisms. Popular locations for lockers are at schools, gyms, spas, train stations and more. Here are some questions to ask a locker distributor or wholesaler you might buy storage from.

  • Will you deliver and install the lockers, cabinets and storage in my building?
    Lockers require specific assembly and installation to ensure that they are secure and won’t fall on a person or damage the walls of your building. Some companies will do all the delivery and installation while other will only ship the lockers to you and you will be responsible for installation. If this is the case be sure to read the instructions fully and hire someone to assist with a heavy metal parts.

  • Our lockers will be used by many boy and girl students, what is the most durable lockers you have available?
    Metal, plastic and steel lockers can withstand everyday use with a little maintenance. Metal and steel can be dented while plastic can crack, however each is easy to clean and replacement parts are sold separately to repair any damage created by kids or adults. Wood lockers are typically used in luxury settings such as high end fitness changing rooms or spas.

  • Our school locker room is oddly shaped, what lockers do you suggest?
    There are a variety of locker shapes, sizes and shelf levels available for purchase. In most cases it is best to measure the space you have available and determine how many tiers of lockers will fit into each space. Box lockers generally suffice in a school locker room and are easy to wall mount and maneuver.
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    The majority of lockers are sold wholesale by distributors. Used lockers are also sold. In most cases, a locker cabinet consisting of a certain number of units of a certain size is put together.

    Individual cabinets and lockers are, however, also sold. It is still true that they are mostly sold in some numbers. Schools, for example, need to cater to large numbers of kids. Boys and girls lockers are generally separate. Most are metal, especially steel. Cheap plastic ones are sometimes used by residential customers, for example to allow kids to keep toys out of the reach of their siblings. Wood lockers, on the other hand, are often used by country clubs and offices to give an air of prestige.

    Buildings such as schools, gyms and some offices are often designed with locker rooms. In some cases, they may be built into the wall. Small lockers are often designed to hold valuables. Some have keys, but most are locked with combinations, either as padlocks or built in to the cabinet itself. Sports stadiums generally have a locker room for each team. Soccer, football, and hockey players all use them to store equipment and clothing.

    Large lockers, with shelf systems, are used for storage. They are sometimes used to contain dangerous materials. A storage building may contain a large number of these large units. Distributors are likely to sell all kinds of lockers. However, most sales fall into the range of the school and sport locker. Some companies may also sell decorations such as stickers and wallpaper, but these are also sold separately by specialists.

    Lockers last a very long time, and distributors often deal in second hand ones. However, there continues to be a demand, especially when run down schools or stadiums are rebuilt.