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The components of handwriting, such as pressure, slope and angle, all have an inherent meaning for each person. Handwriting experts can provide analysis on these meanings, usually in a report format. They may offer handwriting analysis for fun, or they may work in a more professional capacity, as consultants for law enforcement forensic departments.

To become a handwriting expert, a person must be proficient in what they do. Document examiners in particular must take an exam, after which they can become board certified. Specialties can include forensic science and forgery with concentrations in law or criminology.

As a matter of course, document examiners can provide examination of a variety of documents, provide identification, detect forgeries and verify that a signature is indeed that of who it should be. Whether for legal or authentication purposes, these experts can also detect counterfeits and fraud. They may be called to court as part of criminal investigations to give their testimony regarding the authenticity of documents involving forgery. They are certified in graphology and must have a keen eye for detail. Because they must be able to detect the slightest nuances within documents, looking for alterations and impressions, good eyesight is key, as is attention to detail. Good communication skills are also necessary, as these professionals must impart their knowledge on others, working with law enforcement agents, like detectives, on a daily basis. Those who appear in court should have excellent public speaking skills as well.

In addition to handwriting and penmanship analysis, experts can analyze photocopied or faxed documents as well. They often employ the use of state of the art software to aid them in their tasks. They may even offer lessons and classes on how to improve penmanship and make it more legible.

Alliance Forensic Services
Professional Handwriting Experts serving the Irvine area with specialties in forensic Handwriting Services. We provide analysis of handwriting to determine whether it is genuine, disguised, traced, copied or otherwise entered in a document. Fully licensed and insured. Call us for more information.
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Professional handwriting-experts in the Irvine area. Get handwriting examined by handwriting-experts in Irvine.
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If you need to find out if the signature is real or not try one of our Handwriting Experts here in Irvine. Our Handwriting Services will authenticate any handwriting you have. Bring all your documents into our Irvine office.
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If you are looking for a handwriting expert, then you might find that some of them specialize in certain parts of the field. Some handwriting experts are examiners who identify document authorship so that museums and auction houses can determine if they have a forgery or a legitimate item. Some are experts at signature identification and forensic analysis. Others use graphology to examine someone's penmanship to get information about their psychology. You can find many handwriting experts listed in your online directory. Choose a few numbers and write down their contact info so that you can organize information that will help you choose the one that is best for you. Contact the examiners and ask them what types of analysis they offer. Ask them if they have experience reading typefaces, cursive penmanship, and freehand. The examiner that you choose will largely depend on the types of services that you need. If you need someone for altered signature identification, be sure to choose one that has had lessons and experience in this area. If you need one that can determine document authorship, then make sure you choose one with lots of experience in this. While it is important for you to choose a handwriting examiner that has all of the skills and experience that you need, it is also important for you to compare their costs so that you find one that fits your budget constraints. Request written price quotes from the examiners so that you can compare them easily and choose one that's right for you.