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Important Terms to Know About Cheerleading
The following are some popular terms related to cheerleading and cheerleading routines.

Aerial: An aerial is a simple tumbling trick. It is a cartwheel where the hands do not touch the floor.

Back Handspring: Back handsprings are gymnastics stunts performed by jumping back onto the hands. The momentum of the back flip is combined with another push to put the performer back onto his or her feet.

Base: A base is one or more people who remain in contact with the ground during a stunt, including a pyramid.

Basket Toss: A basket toss is an easy acrobatic move. Three or four bases throw a flyer into the air. Two of the bases should have their hands grasped together. This stunt can be more complex if the flyer does a flip before returning to the bases.

Buckets This simple cheerleading pose is performed with the arms straight out in front of the body. The fists are positioned as though each is gripping a bucket.

Flyer: A flyer is the person on the team who leaves the ground during a stunt, including during a pyramid. The flyer is lifted or thrown into the air by bases. A flyer could also be referred to as a floater.

Liberty: A liberty is performed by an elevated flyer bending one knee while the opposite foot is supported by bases. One or both arms should be raised.

Stag: A stag is a jump or a position where one leg is straight and the other is bent.

Tuck: A tuck is executed by bending at the hips and pulling the knees up against the chest.

C & C Premiere Cheer
Serving the heart of the Irvine area, our certified Cheerleading coaches provide young Cheerleaders with unique cheerleading experiences. Some of our training plans include tumbling, strength training, and dancing lessons. We also offer community involvement and prep fun nights!
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There's debate into whether cheerleading is a true sport. More than 65 percent of all female sports-related injuries occur during these tough routines and vigorous practices. Injuries may include bruises, concussions, fractures and sprains. Proper training keeps injuries from occurring frequently. The dances, routines and brief stunts require aerobics, gymnastics and strength. Stamina is essential, making it seem tougher than many sports. Proper training is an essential part in preventing injuries from falls or muscle strain.

Looks count for a lot when supporting your team. Every captain and team member is given a uniform to wear at football games and competitions. These squad uniforms generally include a mini skirt, tights, soft shoes, pom-poms and shirt. Dance moves and gymnastics incorporate the use of pom-poms as a visual display of color and movement. During practice and try outs, casual clothing like sweatpants, t-shirts, and shorts is fine to wear.

The athletic squad members generally attend summer camps to hone their skills on stunts. These camps also help them learn new jumps, the latest dance moves and work on building muscle tone. They also learn skills necessary to becoming varsity captains. Being captain is a highly valued position because you train your group. Daily practices during sports season are essential to helping teammates learn the right routines and choreography.

The crowds will participate if your performance invigorates them. Make them want to get involved in chanting on their team. Enthusiasm is key. The right supplies and camp preparations go a long way into boosting spirits. Make sure your cheerleading team has everything they need for the big varsity competition.