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Bankruptcy Attorneys Questions to Ask

There is a lot of information to consider before hiring a bankruptcy attorney. Some of the local attorneys in your city might focus on specific types of bankruptcy. Some of them might offer services that others do not provide. Before you hire a legal team to help you file for bankruptcy, consider asking them some of the following questions.

  • Do you offer representation to individuals, businesses, or both?
    This will help you decide whether they can offer the type of representation that you need.

  • Do you have experience with chapter 7, chapter 13, and other types of bankruptcy?
    Knowing about past experience should help you determine whether an attorney has enough experience to help you with your legal case.

  • How long have you worked in bankruptcy law?
    You want to hire a lawyer with plenty of experience. This question helps you avoid those that might not know the ins and outs of the court system.

  • Do you explore alternatives before helping your clients file for bankruptcy?
    You need to know that your attorney wants to consider all of the options.

  • Have you used mediation counseling to help creditors and debtors reach an agreement outside of court?
    Mediation could help you repay your debts while protecting your personal and business assets. Plus, you could avoid costly court fees by meeting with a mediation consultant before declaring bankruptcy.

  • How much do your services cost?
    You will need to know how much the attorneys charge for their services. Without a quote, you don’t know whether you can afford to pay their fees.
  • National Assn. of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
    Make the process of filing for bankruptcy easier with help from our nationwide association of attorneys. Our members are the most dedicated to providing you with bankruptcy attorneys and legal services.
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    Hemming & Associates
    Our legal firm specializes in bankruptcy attorneys in the local Irvine area. Make sure your bankruptcy case is handled properly so you can rebuild your credit faster with help from our attorneys.
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    Beacon Law Firm of Riverside
    Our objective as Bankruptcy Lawyers is to eliminate your debt and help you gain a fresh start. Based in Irvine, our skilled Bankruptcy Attorneys are here to assist you with court representation, help you deal with creditors, and prepare documents for filing Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies. Call us.
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    Bankruptcy Attorney Schurter
    For the most reputable Bankruptcy Attorneys in the Irvine area, be sure to contact our firm. We are highly experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers that specialize in representing consumers and small businesses in bankruptcy cases.
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    Affordable Document Preparation Services Write review for this local business
    813 Carolina Cir, Corona, CA 92882
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    Divorce and bankruptcy professional attorney that specializes in name changes, prenuptial agreements, child custody, and child support for couples. Our lawyers can help you better understand your personal or business options.
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    7071 Warner Ave. F. 92, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
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    "I found the service at DIY4LAW to be very professional. They explained the whole process to me and helped me all the way through it. I was afraid that I would be on my own to figure it out by myself after I signed up, but this was not the case. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of service I received. ..."
    Scla Bankruptcy Attorneys Write review for this local business
    11801 Pierce St. Suite 200, Riverside, CA 92505
    (951) 241-8070  
    Bankruptcy attorneys that provide our clients with bankruptcy representation and additional legal services. We help file for Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy, and provide financial counseling.
    Thomas Kerns Mcknight, Llp Write review for this local business
    1251 East Dyer Road, Suite 220, Santa Ana, CA 92705
    (714) 923-3923  
    Law Offices of Sharona Zahabia Write review for this local business
    1851 E. First St. #900, Santa Ana, CA 92705
    (714) 619-9326  
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    1940 E Deere Ave Ste 200, Santa Ana, CA 92705
    (949) 222-0189  
    Readybk Write review for this local business
    1241 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92705
    (657) 622-2487  
    R.W. Snyder and Associates Write review for this local business
    Tustin, CA 92780
    (714) 730-0288  
    The Law Offices of Joseph M. Tosti Write review for this local business
    15615 Alton Pkwy Ste 210, Irvine, CA 92618
    (949) 450-1200  
    Marshack Shulman & Hodges LLP Write review for this local business
    8001 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618
    (949) 864-0400  
    Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat & Associates APLC Write review for this local business
    7700 Irvine Center Dr #800, Irvine, CA 92618
    (949) 496-2011  
    California Bankruptcy Law Center Write review for this local business
    8 Corporate Park Ste 300, Irvine, CA 92606
    (949) 679-9494  
    M H Financial Write review for this local business
    8 Corporate Park Ste 230, Irvine, CA 92606
    (949) 442-8373  
    Diefer Law Group Write review for this local business
    2030 Main St Ste 1300, Irvine, CA 92614
    (951) 779-9609  
    Law Offices of Victor E. Hobbs Write review for this local business
    17981 Sky Park Circle Suite C, Irvine, CA 92614
    (949) 274-9206  
    The Gonzalez Law Group Write review for this local business
    1327 North Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92701
    (800) 602-2642  
    McFarlin LLP Write review for this local business
    160 N Riverview Dr Ste 200, Anaheim, CA 92808
    (714) 613-1632  
    Spaulding Law Group Write review for this local business
    155 N Riverview Dr STE 111, Anaheim, CA 92808
    (714) 731-7595  
    McFarlin LLP Write review for this local business
    4 Park Plz Ste 1025, Irvine, CA 92614
    (949) 544-2640  
    1st California Law, Inc. Write review for this local business
    1212 N Broadway Ste 243, Santa Ana, CA 92701
    (714) 263-6809  
    Recchia Law Write review for this local business
    1605 East 4th St #250, Santa Ana, CA 92701
    (714) 541-2858  

    Law firms that offer bankruptcy services often need to hire several professionals to provide their clients with the legal representation, counseling and bankruptcy alternatives that they need.

    Many firms hire several different types of bankruptcy attorneys. Some of the attorneys will focus on personal bankruptcy, while others focus on businesses that need to file for bankruptcy. Some of the lawyers might also specialize in issues related to declaring chapter 7 or chapter 13. Having experts with this level of specialization allows the firm to provide the most accurate information to its clients.

    Firms might also hire mediation consultants. Mediation consultants meet with the creditors and debtors to determine whether they can avoid court cases. In many cases, both the debtors and creditors would prefer to avoid court because they do not want to pay fees or run the risk of losing the case. Mediation experts help the two parties reach a mutually agreeable compromise. This type of counseling often leads to alternatives to declaring bankruptcy.

    Local law firms might also need paralegals to help their lawyers perform research and fill out important documents. Although the paralegals do not have the level of expertise expected from lawyers, they should know enough about the law to assist the attorneys.

    The firms also need secretaries and receptionists who can answer phones. These positions require workers with strong communication skills. Since they often take important information from clients, they also need to remain accurate at all times. In many cases, a small mistake could make it difficult for lawyers to file forms properly and fulfill their job duties.

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