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Important Terms to Know About Home Elevator Installation and Service
Installation and service of home elevators is a specialized industry where professionals can put in elevators and lifts for residential clients. Elevators, platforms that can be raised or lowered to deliver people and objects to another floor of a structure, are often times called lifts as well. From dumbwaiter to handicap to emergency, there are many types of elevators. Large residential homes and mansions may require the use of elevators. Check out these important terms about elevators:

Dumbwaiter: Small freight elevators that transport objects, not people, from floor to floor. Thomas Jefferson is known for using one of the first dumbwaiters at his residence in Monticello Virginia. These lifts were common back then in large mansions and estates.

Fall Arrestor: One of many devices used to stop an elevator from abruptly falling.

Hoist: Used to lift or lower a load via a wheel around which a rope or chain can wrap. Hoists can be manually, electrically or pneumatically operated depending on the model.

Hay Elevator: A lift that transports hay or straw bales to a barn’s hayloft. They may consist of conveyor belts or mechanized chains.

Hydraulic Elevator: Lifts that use an underground cylinder and operate by hydraulic power. They are ideal for buildings with only a few floors, with speeds of about 200 feet per minute.

Express Elevator: Quite common in high rises, these types of elevators don’t stop at every floor. They may go only between the ground floor and sky lobby, skipping all floors in between, for example.

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4533 Po Box, Carmel, IN 46082
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4855 S Emerson Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203
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2346 South Lynhurst Drive Suite 402, Indianapolis, IN 46241
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A company that provides home elevator installation services will offer different types of elevators and chair lifts so customers can bypass stairs and gain access to different stories.

Personal elevators can include chair lifts, as well as platform, stair, and dumb waiter elevators for different weights and sizes. Installation companies will have the equipment needed to make elevators hoist passenger's varying weights safely. Over time, a customer may decide to have a contractor come to the home and make minor adjustments to the speed of the elevator or lift.

Contractors working for a home elevator installation and repair company will be required to pass a background check since they will be visiting private homes. They will also need to receive training on how to install new elevators, as well as make repairs in the future. Contractors will need to have a license in order to install, repair, and maintain elevators for customers.

Elevator installation companies can also help customers gain access from a porch or ground level. A person with limited mobility, including those with a handicap and in a wheelchair, can customize the type of elevator or chair lift they need to safely travel throughout the home.

Contractors will be available to answer questions on how to maintain the vertical elevator's high quality. An installation and repair company will have a strong customer service department so customers can call and arrange for maintenance or repairs in a timely manner.

Installation may be free for customers who buy an elevator through the same company. However, repairs and maintenance may cost extra after a certain amount of time. This information will be given to customers before a purchase has been made.