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GEICO Insurance Agent
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Acceptance Auto Insurance
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Important Terms Insurance Agents and Agencies Use
The following are some important – but lesser known – insurance terms that may be used by your insurance agent or agency.

Binder: A binder is an initial or limited agreement between an insurance agent or agency and a client. Binders are a way of offering temporary coverage to an individual before a permanent policy is drafted or signed.

Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage reimburses a policyholder for uncontrollable occurrences. Comprehensive coverage can be included in auto and homeowners insurance policies and includes events like vandalism, theft, fire, and damages caused by natural disasters like storms and floods.

Endorsement: An endorsement, or rider, is a change made to an insurance agreement that adds or eliminates certain coverage.

Incontestable Clause: An incontestable clause is a part of certain kinds of insurance policies that removes an insurance company’s ability to argue a claim. For example, if someone with life insurance commits suicide, the insurance company cannot deny coverage if the policy has been in effect for a certain amount of time. Incontestable clauses usually take effect after about two years.

Lapse: A lapse is an end to insurance coverage due to nonpayment. Most policies offer a grace period before a lapse occurs.

Mandated Benefits: These are policy benefits that must be offered to health insurance subscribers. Mandated benefits are determined by state and federal laws.

Surcharge: A surcharge is a monthly fee in addition to the usual monthly premium. Surcharges are often added to car insurance policies if a moving violation or accident has been reported.

Underwriting: Underwriting is the process of charging particular rates based on a potential or current client’s general information. This generalization is the degree of insurability of a particular group. For example, a teenage female and an elderly male are classified differently and will pay different premium rates.

Our local Houston area insurance agents specialize in family and individual coverage to suit your budget and needs. Let us make sure you have the coverage you need from our insurance agents.
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National Association of Professional Insurance Age
The members of our prestigious association are the most professional insurance agents available in the nation. Find the right type of provider and coverage you need with our association.
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Professional Houston Insurance Services in the insurance industry who saw there was a need to give clients more options to choose & shop for health insurance. Insurance Agencies Houston
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American Association of Health Plans
If you're looking for a dependable and affordable health insurance agent or agency near you, check our association's directory. Listing only the best insurance agents and agencies in the country.
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National Center for Assisted Living
Businesses specializing in health care coverage should be a part of our nationwide association for health care. Whether you're an insurance agent or agency, you should be a part of our association.
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Houston Car Insurance Write review for this local business
1302 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77019
(713) 364-3765  
Visit our website for an instant quote on your next insurance package! Our agency offers comprehensive prices and insurance quotes for all your insurance needs. Save money with good coverage.
Leader Insurance Group Write review for this local business
7210 Lawndale St Suite D, Houston, TX 77012
(713) 780-3334  
Whether you need homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, coverage for your car, flood, health or anything else, we can assure you of personal service and the most cost effective and reliable solution for all your needs.
State Farm Manny Molinar Write review for this local business
6455 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057
(713) 266-4545  
Houston Insurance Services for all. We boast better rates and the best value. For more information about our Insurance Agencies and what we can offer you, contact us.
Tex Asa Write review for this local business
581 Po Box, Houston, TX 77001
(281) 488-6400  
Ottis Robert R Write review for this local business
36305 Po Box, Houston, TX 77236
(713) 772-7196  
AFLAC Jeanette McCormick Hibbs Write review for this local business
Po Box 58442, Houston, TX 77258
(281) 488-7900  
Jeffrey Barklow Write review for this local business
820725 Po Box, Houston, TX 77282
(281) 933-6061  
Eagle Insurance Agency Write review for this local business
38418 Po Box, Houston, TX 77238
(281) 448-2631  
Avr Group Auto Appraisal Services Write review for this local business
Houston, TX 77263
(281) 914-9760  
North American Company for Life and Health Insuran Write review for this local business
770035 Po Box, Houston, TX 77215
(713) 771-7226  
Texas Insurance Solutions Write review for this local business
PO BOX 218554 , Houston, TX 77218
(832) 706-0251  
State Farm Insurance David Cohen Agent Write review for this local business
3401 Louisiana St Ste 330, Houston, TX 77002
(713) 659-3276  
Carl S Smith Write review for this local business
1200 Mckinney St Ste 309, Houston, TX 77010
(713) 658-0869  
Liberty Mutual Write review for this local business
801 Louisiana St Ste 500, Houston, TX 77002
(713) 228-3459  
United National Insurance Agency Write review for this local business
2201 Caroline St, Houston, TX 77002
(713) 655-0335  
Szabo John Ins Write review for this local business
808 Travis St Ste 1005, Houston, TX 77002
(713) 227-1567  
Harris County Insurance Write review for this local business
1120 Texas St, Houston, TX 77002
(713) 229-8084  
Allstate Insurance Write review for this local business
1200 Mckinney St Ste 309, Houston, TX 77010
(713) 658-0869  
State Farm Insurance Write review for this local business
4809 Main St, Houston, TX 77002
(713) 523-7100  

Insurance agencies and the agents themselves may consider very different coverage plans for homeowners or commercial property brokers. Whether farmers need coverage or you need a plan for your auto, as well as medical or traveling insurance, much can be considered a liability so it’s important to hire a licensed agent who can provide general services. Whether you have specialties, such as traveler insurance or have specific health issues, finding the right group that covers federal needs as well as workers compensation and everything between can make the difference between surviving and losing everything.

  • What rate will my premiums run?
    A quote will be established and then, after everything is set into place, an insurance agency will send you rates with different coverage options. Rates vary depending state to state and whether these are high risk or require long term coverage for a business, network of offices, even national needs can be covered.

  • What property is covered?
    Be clear about the property that is being covered and what it entails. Different elements, such as water or fire, produce a higher risk for certain properties. Liabilities may spike your ratings, so any specialty needs to be addressed.

  • Do you have certification?
    Asking if all the titles are in place for homeowners, as well as automobile owners can affect both liability and management of the insurance plan.

  • Can I get a cheaper premium?
    Most of the time cheaper insurance is available, but this effects how much the insurance company will make available incase your health declines and your medical bills sore, or you have an auto accident. This effects any kind of insurance for travelers, and commercial properties as well as unemployment.

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