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Ferry boats are an important resource for many commuters in a harbor or water-way town. They allow for the easy transportation of goods, cars and people from one end of the harbor to the other, for a minimal fee. Because of this, they are a valuable, if often overlooked, part of small, island towns. One way to become involved in this industry is to become a ferry boat captain.

Captains of commercial ferries are in charge of the entire ship as it crosses the bay. Since many ferry boats cross the sea, they will have to know how to navigate these waters successfully. They also need skills to interpret speed, follow previously established ferry lines, communicate with other sea vessels, and more. Depending on the travel route, these demands will change. Depending on the state of operation, the necessary certification skills will also vary. Another important skill that the captain needs is an intimate knowledge of his ship, the mechanical equipment on it, and how to repair it if need be. The captain is responsible for the safety of the passengers he is transporting across the channel, the cars on his ship, and the safe unloading of the goods and people down the ramp once the boat docks.

Another job that can be found in the industry is that of the crew on the ship. Depending on the ferry line, the different jobs will vary. A crew member can have something so simple as collecting tickets, tying slip knots, and busing around passengers on board the ship. They can also chart waters, watch out for other ferries, and more. If the ferry acts as a taxi for a public transit system, the crew needs to be fast and efficient, and be able to make repairs to the boat cheaply.

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Some parts of the world have a lot of water that prevents cars from driving easily from place to place. Some of these areas use ferries that make it easier for commuters to travel around town. A ferry can be used for more than just transporting commuters across bays, harbors, lakes, seas, and rivers without using a bridge, though. The boats can also be used to transport goods that are onboard across channels and lakes. Some ferry companies use their ships to give people romantic tours of scenic islands and coastlines. If you are interested in taking a vacation on a ferry, then you will need to know how to find a company that can give you the type of tour that you want. There are several boating and tour companies in the online directory that use ferries. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to find one that is right for you. The first thing that you want to determine is if they can give you the type of vacation that you want. Ask them if they focus on romantic getaways, sightseeing, or large parties to make sure they have the mood that you are interested in. Ask them where their boats travel to so that you will know you are going to a location that sounds fun and interesting. You want to be sure that you get a fun vacation on the ferry, but you also want to make sure it is affordable by getting price quotes that include all costs and free services.