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Important Terms Relating to Wireless Phone Services
The following are some important terms relating to wireless phone services:

Airtime: Airtime is how long you actually talk on your phone. Airtime includes calls you make and calls you receive.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is a wireless feature that is trademarked. Bluetooth equipment can communicate and work with each other in a wireless way. For example, you can set up your cellphone with your wireless headset via a Bluetooth link.

Locked: Locked cellphones can only be used on a particular service network. In other words, a locked phone will only read SIM cards from a particular wireless company. Typically, this security feature only applies to phones that were obtained from a company in connection with a service contract or a discount offer. Phones purchased at full price and without a contract are usually unlocked.

MicroSD: A microSD card is a tiny removable storage device that can be inserted in cellphones that have a microSD drive. These devices can be used to store media such as music files and photos.

MMS: MMS, or multimedia messaging service, is usually standard for many wireless service providers. This network feature allows users to transfer larger files, such as photos and videos, rather than just text messages.

Standby Time: This is how long a fully charged cellphone can last – without being used – before a battery recharge is needed.

Talk Time: This is how long a fully charged cellphone can last – while being constantly used for calls – before a battery recharge is needed.

SIM Card: SIM cards are cellphone memory chips. These devices hold phone numbers, photos, and other data for your phone. SIM cards can be transferred to many other cellphones, but some phones are not compatible with certain SIM cards. Some phones do not use SIM cards at all.

The Wireless Association
Representing all areas of wireless communications – cellular, personal communication services, and enhanced specialized mobile radio
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Wireless phone service providers have progressed into companies that provide a wide range of services, including those of an ISP that offers wi fi access for 3g and 4g devices. In order to give their customers all of the services that they need, it is important for cell phone providers to hire employees who know how to fulfill their roles expertly.

Broadband and wireless communication relies on networks and satellites. When someone uses their phone to make a call or access the internet, their signal is routed through a satellite. This makes it possible for them to get high speed access akin to DSL on the go. Providers, therefore, need to employ technicians who know how to install software and hardware that makes this possible. Some of the technicians work on cable and wireless networks. Others design upcoming technology that allows customers to connect more easily with faster speeds.

Cell phone companies also need sales representatives who can help customers compare plans to choose rates and services that are best for them. These individuals need strong communication skills that help them explain pre paid contracts, service options, and various plans offered by the company. Since many customers compare several companies for the best deals, the reps should also know how to help them find discounts that will make their bills cheaper.

Mobile phone companies, of course, also need managers who can oversee individual stores and departments within the organization. Some of the managers solve basic problems for mobile customers. Others, however, make decisions that influence the whole company's ability to improve wi fi, phone call, and data transfer services.