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Tips on How to Choose Garden Lawn Sprinklers Installation
Before hiring a company to install sprinklers for your lawn or garden, review these tips to help you choose an option that works well for you:

Tip #1: Compare tips from multiple installation companies
Comparing quotes from several companies will help you decide which one fits into your budget. You might find that some companies can install sprinklers at significantly lower prices than others. Without quotes, though, you never know.

Tip #2: Ask about the sprinkler system options the companies offer
There are several types of watering systems that you might want to use on your land. Drip irrigation, for instance, uses an underground system of tubes to deliver water directly to a plant's root system. Sprinkler system timers make it easy to deliver water to turf and farm crops at optimal times. Ask the installation companies what types of systems they work with. That way, you can explore your options and choose a company with the experience you need.

Tip #3: Ask about a guarantee
Some sod and turf companies guarantee their services and products. The guarantee that you get, however, can differ significantly from company to company. One irrigation company might give you a 1-year guarantee. Another, however, might give you a lifetime guarantee. That will have a big impact on which company you choose to work on your lawn.

Tip #4: Choose a sprinkler installation company that focuses on zones
Sprinkler companies often divide areas into zones. This allows them to provide the proper amount of water to each area without running the risk of drowning plants.
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73-4177 Hulikoa Dr Unit 3, Kailua Kona, HI 96740
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Diamond Head Sprinkler Write review for this local business
73-4177 Hulikoa Dr Unit 3, Kailua Kona, HI 96740
(808) 329-9339  

It’s tempting to hone in on cost when comparing services for home lawn and garden sprinkler installation. But you should consider other important factors too, some relating to a company’s legitimacy, and others regarding specific services. Important questions to ask include the following.

  • Are you licensed? Most states require a license for land irrigation. If you live in a state that doesn’t, such as Massachusetts, ask instead if the contractor is certified.

  • Are you insured?
    Pertinent insurance includes worker’s compensation, related to workers’ injuries, and liability insurance, should property damage occur.

  • Does your company provide references?
    If you have a commercial space, such as a hotel or golf course, ask to speak with customers who have hotels or golf courses. For residential work, request the information of a satisfied customer with a home in your area.

  • Do you provide maintenance and repair? If a valve breaks or a water pressure problem causes your system to shake, you may want the person repairing it to be the one who installed it. And in cooler climates, someone needs to winterize the system each year. Find a contractor who provides post-instillation care.

  • Will your system water my lawn and garden separately?
    If you want your sprinkler system to water both the grass and tree or flower gardens, look for a contractor who will install a system such as a dual-program controller or timer, which will water different areas with varying frequencies. Some companies will solve this problem by installing drip irrigation via a special sprinkler head in areas where each plant needs deep watering.

  • I want an automatic sprinkler system for both my front and back yard. What does that cost?
    Contractors typically tack on an extra charge for extending your system into the back yard. Ask about this service, and what it costs, up front.