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Frequently Asked Questions About Seafood Wholesale
Buying seafood in bulk at the wholesale level is a common practice for restaurants and grocery stores. They can get a better price when they buy more at once, plus they can freeze what they don’t need at the moment. Seafood can range from haddock and salmon to clams and shrimp. Lobsters and crabs are crustaceans that many people love, whether boiled or on a roll. But knowing when and how to buy wholesale seafood is key. Check out these frequently asked questions:

What do seafood wholesalers provide?
Seafood wholesalers may also be importers and exporters of every kind of fish imaginable, from cod to tuna. They supply restaurants and fish markets with fish and shellfish, often working one-on-one with clients to meet their every seafood need. They often offer volume discount pricing. Services may include regular shipments, cold storage, packaging and delivery. Make sure anyone you deal with is government inspected and licensed.

How do I choose the best fish?
When selecting fish and shellfish for your business, you want to make sure it’s fresh as possible. This means taking the time to ask questions of your wholesaler and inspect the fish yourself. The fish should not have a strong odor. The flesh should be firm and spring back when you touch it. Ask when the order came in and how fresh it is. Fresh fish is best within a couple of days, but fish that has been previously frozen at sea is the next best option.

Do you deliver?
Most fish wholesale companies deliver shipments to stores and markets as part of their services. They usually work out daily or semi-weekly deals with their wholesale customers, making sure to bring regular shipments of mollusks, shellfish, tuna and lobster on time. Some wholesalers cater events, such as clam bakes, as well. They will bring everything you need for your event, including all the seafood, condiments and supplies.

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Suisan Company Limited Write review for this local business
1965 Kamehameha Ave Ste A, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 935-8511  
Suisan Company Limited Write review for this local business
93 Lihiwai St, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 935-9349  
Amano Fish Cake Factory Write review for this local business
30 Holomua St, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 935-5555  
Hilo Fish Co Write review for this local business
55 Holomua St Ste A, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 961-0877  
True World Foods Inc Write review for this local business
77-6425 Kuakini Hwy Ste A102, Kailua Kona, HI 96740
(808) 327-1360  
Fresh Island Fish Co Inc Write review for this local business
73-5677 Lawehana St Ste 1, Kailua Kona, HI 96740
(808) 331-2100  
Bite Me Logo Corp Write review for this local business
74-425 Kealakehe Pkwy Ste 1, Kailua Kona, HI 96740
(808) 327-3474  

The wholesale seafood industry is a busy one, with importers and exporters supplying restaurants and retail grocery stores with bulk amounts of fish and shellfish all over the world. Even general consumers can get in on the deal, buying fish and seafood like shrimp, lobster, crab, and salmon at wholesale clubs to experience bulk discounts.

Seafood supply wholesalers often work one-on-one with clients to give them a complete suite of services depending on their needs. These services can include regular shipments, cold storage, packaging, and delivery. They should be government inspected and licensed companies. Different wholesalers may deal in different seafoods, such as lobster or tuna fillets. But the overall services are the same: consistent quality to customers at bulk discount pricing.

Seafood wholesalers should stand behind their products 100 percent, whether they sell frozen or fresh seafood, or both. Good qualities to have in this business include strong business sense, communication skills, and the ability to work well with clients on a regular basis. Although no higher education is needed to work in this industry, professionals should keep up with industry news by belonging to some sort of wholesale seafood association. They should have strong ties to the local fish markets, shops, and fishermen who catch the fresh seafood and shellfish, like tuna, shrimp, and crab. Market prices may vary by the day, but wholesalers strive to be consistent in their pricing overall. One wholesale supply company may specialize in gourmet fillet cuts, while another may deal with frozen shrimp or other fish.

Catering to fish shops and seafood restaurants takes dedication on the part of wholesalers. Customers may deal with many people during their experience, from sales associates to delivery personnel to logistics managers. All should be dedicated to ensuring a top-quality product and solid customer service.