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Frequently Asked Questions About Rentals Equipments
Equipment rentals are available for anything from inflatable bounce houses and games to tents and chairs. You can even rent steam vacuums, casino tables, trucks and linens. Renting may be a cheaper alternative to buying because you only have to pay a small fee to use it for one day or a weekend rather than spend big bucks on the whole thing and own it for longer than you need. Here are some frequently asked questions about renting equipment:

How do I select the right tent for my wedding?
When choosing a party tent for your wedding, you need to know a few things, such as the number of people you’re expecting, and how many tables, chairs for guests, gifts and the DJ that you need to fit inside. You also have to leave plenty of room for people to move about and dance. Select a large, flat area in the yard on which to place the tent. Keep it away from standing water. And notify the utilities company so it can mark off underground lines around the area for gas and electricity.

Are there age requirements for renting a truck?
Yes, when you rent a moving truck, you must be at least 21 years of age in some states, providing two forms of valid ID. Many states require that you be 24 years of age to rent a truck. It varies by state so be sure to check. If you wish to add a second driver, he or she must be at least 21 years old and pay a one time additional driver’s fee.

Should I order linens in advance?
Yes, you should order your desired linens just as soon as you have booked your accommodations. If the linens are for a wedding, specify exact color theme, types of linens required and amount. Many companies offer online linen ordering. But place your order well in advance or the linens you want may not be in stock and you may not be able to get delivery.

Contractors Supply & Equipment
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Providers of equipment rentals are often found online, where they offer incentives for customers to rent, with an option to buy later. Virtual customer support, 800 numbers, and online instructions all help consumers find the equipment they need, from medical and electrical to lawn, office or party equipment.

Many rental equipment dealers also offer sales on the same equipment. This is especially true with large home improvement or lawn and gardening stores. Companies do have specialties; one may rent out heavy-duty construction or moving trucks, while another may rent home and office furniture.

Whether you want hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly equipment rentals, you can usually find the right deal for you by speaking with a sales associate. He or she can guide you to the best deal for your needs, from rentals to camping gear for your first trip to audio and visual equipment for first-time music DJs.

Many providers work with restaurant owners, sound technicians, electrical tool operators, wedding photography professionals, and cleaning professionals to come up with a plan that best suits them. Contracts are usually fairly straightforward. You set up a payment plan on whatever basis you're most comfortable with such as daily or weekly. Pay on time, and return the equipment, whether for game room supplies, landscaper equipment, fitness and gym machines, or test and measurement equipment, in the condition in which you received it.

Related fields include musical instruments rentals, rental buses and charters, carpet and rug cleaning equipment rentals, and party tent rentals. Professionals in all of these areas have experience selling and renting a variety of products for many different purposes, such as residential, commercial, and industrial.